Emmerdale: Aaron, Jackson and the Whitby Mystery

by Anna Howell

The future of one of Soaps most popular couple, Aaron Livsey and Jackson Walsh, has been under careful watch and rumour for several weeks.

Today there has been another clue to the ever complex conclusion to this tragic love story, when Marc Silcock announced on twitter this, ‘Off to new York today for a week first holiday for a while looking forward to chilling out in the big apple’, suggesting certain rumours may have been right after all.

We reported here that the pair, fondly referred to as Aarason, were being linked to a controversial storyline in February ) in which Aaron (Danny Miller) and Jackson’s Mum, Hazel (Pauline Quirke) help the Tetraplegic Jackson (Marc Silcock) take his own life.

Since that report, the press have gone all out to try and discover the fate of these two tragic lovers, causing many a public stir and opinion along the way.

Last week, We reported that Miller, Silcock and Quirke were spotted filming in the seaside town of Whitby, and conclusions started to be drawn that this was where the assisted suicide would take place ) but bosses at the ITV were quick to deny this.

On screen at the moment, Aaron has watched Jacksons heart-wrenching video diary, and, worried about the confession that he wishes to die, forces Hazel to watch it too. At the moment the pair are hell-bent on convincing Jackson that life is worth living, and making sure he does not do anything stupid (although, as pointed out by Hazel in a very welcomed light relief moment amidst our weeping, ‘what’s he going to do, hold his breath?), but we wait with baited breath to see if they change their minds about his wishes.

Jackson and Aaron have won over the hearts of viewers since early last year when Jackson was introduced as Aaron’s love interest, and his saviour in his personal battle about his sexuality, and since news of this possible ending has surfaced, fans have desperately campaigned to not bring this heartfelt tale to an end.

But with Silcock’s comments today made straight after filming on location, it does beg the question how someone who is wheelchair bound and dependant on his adapted home could be written out long enough for a holiday?

Jackson was paralysed from the neck down after being hit by a train last year.