Emmerdale at 40: Brutal King brother fight in the Dales! Sneaky peak into what to expect in tonight’s episode!

by Anna Howell

Last night saw the first instalment of this week’s Emmerdale 40th anniversary celebrations, and what an episode it was.

Backed into a corner, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) found herself with two options, run off with Carl leaving everyone shocked, but still blissfully unaware that she had been sleeping with her nieces fella all year, or marry Dan quickly and run away leaving Cameron (Dominic Power) to deal with the huge can of worms that a furious Carl (Tom Lister) is bound to open.

Unable to even look Carl  in the eye, Chas agrees to run away with him that evening after she has had a chance to let Dan (Liam Fox) down gently, but in reality she heads straight over to Katie (who is still furious with her for not showing up for their joint hen party) to beg her to swap the services around so that she and Dan can get married first.

Katie (Sammy Winward) obviously refuses (Chas doesn’t want much does she? She not only wants in on a free luxurious wedding reception, but now wants to trade her registry office do with a full church service, Katie was never likely to agree, was she?) leaving Chas ending their friendship and cancelling her guests for the reception.

By this time Chas is starting to look ever so slightly manic as she tells Dan how they don’t need anything fancy but they just have to hurry up and get married (we can’t see the significance of Dan’s ring on her finger to be honest, if anything it’s just going to infuriate Carl even more, and we all know she doesn’t even love Dan, so surely there could have been a much better way to handle this situation?) which leaves him stunned, and Cameron isn’t best pleased when he hears her plan either!

Meanwhile, Megan (Gaynor Faye) has learned of her brother Declan’s (Jason Merelles) evil genius scam to con her out of her share of the festival takings, and storms in right in the middle of his wedding ceremony to have it out with him!

Elsewhere in the village last night, Jimmy (Nick Miles) has finally discovered that Carl has sold his shares of their company to Charity (Emma Atkins) which takes us nicely to tonight’s action…..

Jimmy confronts Carl about selling his shares behind his back, resulting in the pair having an explosive and violent row, where they literally start beating the hell out of each other (good job they didn’t save that scene for the lie ep, isn’t it?).

Elsewhere, Cameron has finally reached the end of his tether when it comes to the situation with Carl and Chas and goes storming over to confront carl himself, only to walk into the front row of the King brothers brutal fight.

Whilst he enjoys the show, Debbie goes in to labour!

Desperately trying to reach Cameron to no avail, Debbie (Charley Webb) turns to her father Cain (Jeff Hordley) to take her to the hospital, but when his car breaks down on the way it is a race against time to get Debbie in, and Sarah’s magic potion (directed cord blood collection from the baby for Sarah’s transplant) out in order to save her eldest daughters life.

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