Emmerdale: Carl King to blackmail Chas Dingle!

by Anna Howell

For any fans of Emmerdale who thought that Carl King may actually be showing the signs of regret over his treatment of Chas Dingle following his sudden interest in her personal life, THINK AGAIN.

Fans of the show will know how Carl (Tom Lister) has spent the best part of the month trying to get his head around the new relationship between his ex, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and her fiancée Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), trying his hardest to put them off each other, in what appeared to be a sever attack of the green eyed monster.

Then, after witnessing a display of affection between Chas and her former fling, Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) – who is set to marry her niece, Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb), Carl decides that rather than use the info to try and get his one true love back, he would go after something much more important to him, his money!

Viewers will remember how Chas conned Carl out of £30,000 for a wedding that never really happened after she discovered his affair with former friend, Eve. She had him believing she was staging the wedding of the year, all the while buying things second hand and on the cheap and pocketing the cash he re-mortgaged to raise.

She spent the money on her share of the village pub, the Woolpack, but now her status is set to be rocked to its very core, when Carl blackmails her with the information he has, in order to get what’s owed to him back!

Speaking to stv.tv, Tom Lister who plays Carl in the soap, discussed the dramatic storyline, which has the potential to rip the Dingle family apart, forever!

“Carl has been quite quiet probably because he hasn’t had much to do with Chas and as soon as he decides to get involved with Chas again, all hell breaks loose.

“He finds out she has been having an affair with Cameron, so ever since she jilted him at the altar a couple of Christmases ago he’s finally got something over her and he’s using that to get her back and make her squirm a bit.”

Tom added: “I think he [Carl] knows she’s got strong feelings for him and he just thinks ‘why is Chas with Dan?’ it doesn’t’ make much sense. Ever since he found out they were together he was always a bit like ‘there’s something not quite right here’.

“Dan is so opposite to anyone Chas would ever be with, it’s a bit like when Chas and paddy were together and Carl decided he would get in there and try and win Chas back, Paddy wasn’t even a worthy adversary for him.

“So I think he feels a little bit like it’s a repeat of that. But obviously then he sees Chas and Cameron kissing and then it makes sense that she’s with Dan as a ruse to cover up the massive affair she’s had which will blow up the dingle family.”

The plan is set to unravel on our screens over the next few weeks, with it probably tying quite nicely with Emmerdale’s 40th anniversary celebrations, during which Chas and Dan are set to get married, and which Dominic Power hinted to us at Unreality TV will see the climax of this gripping story!

Watch the moment Chas conned Carl on their wedding day, on Christmas day 2010, in the clip below:

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