Emmerdale Clips Spoilers: Brenda shoplifts, Rachel confides in Ali & Leyla gets closer to Jacob! (VIDEOS)

by Lynn Connolly
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When we return to the drama in Emmerdale on Tuesday 14 January, we’ll see that in David’s Shop, Jude quizzes Brenda about Harriet’s bereavement counseling sessions while a flustered Brenda looks at some tights…

With her mind elsewhere, and not wanting to talk about her grief over Gennie, Brenda makes her excuses and rushes away.

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Once outside, Brenda’s shocked to realise she’s taken the tights without paying for them, but her shock quickly turns to exhilaration. Here’s a clip…

Next, in the episode that airs on Wednesday 15 January, a distraught Rachel confides in her sister Ali, telling her what Charity has said.

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Ali’s furious over what Rachel tells her and demands they go to the police and report on Charity’s scheming, but Rachel knows Charity holds all the cards.

However, Ali seems reluctant to accept what Rachel has told her. Here’s a clip…

And finally, on Friday 17 January, Leyla’s looking after Jacob, and doing everything she can to get close to her biological son, but at first, he’s reluctant to spend time with her, and is offhand and angry.

leyla alicia david jacob emmerdale

But Leyla knows there’s something bothering the boy, and at first, she asks him if he’s being bullied at school. He insists he isn’t, and when Leyla then asks why he’s been bunking off school if he’s not being bullied, the young lad angrily retorts, “You don’t even know me!”

However, Leyla’s soon pleased when she manages to get to the bottom of what’s troubling Jacob, and they strike a deal.

But how will David and Alicia feel about Leyla’s new-found closeness with Jacob? Well, one thing’s for sure, given that David thinks Leyla’s bad news, he won’t want her to stick around, but will Alicia persuade him it’s best for Jacob?

Find out soon, but for now, here’s a look at that drama…

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