Emmerdale, Coronation Street, EastEnders: Best Christmas disasters!

by Lynn Connolly

Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders have established a firm tradition at Christmas which involves death, destruction, the ruination of families and other misery making storylines…

Which must surely mean that we, the great British public, are just that blood thirsty and downright mean that we revel in seeing others having a shockingly bad Christmas!

And actually, I have to say, I think I am all of those things…

I enjoy not necessarily the timing – that is, at Christmas – but the storylines themselves. One of my favourite ever disaster plotlines was in Emmerdale when the ‘plane crashed.

And though it was back in 1993, on December 30th to be precise, I still have a vivid memory of seeing poor old Archie Brooks just disintegrate!

Here’s a clip from that episode showing how aviation fuel rained down on the poor lad right before he blew up…

Four Emmerdale residents died in the disaster, and the aftermath of it is still sometimes mentioned in the show now.

And of course, we all know that Christmas in Weatherfield this year is going to be overshadowed by the fact that a tram is going to plunge off the viaduct and onto the cobbles below.

Rumour has it that Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns) and Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold) are both going to perish in the wreckage of the crash, so it’s not looking like the jolliest of festive seasons for them.

But of course, it’s not the first misery to befall Coronation Street at Christmas, and among their grittier yuletide storylines have been murders and natural deaths, but in fact, this won’t be the first time a vehicle has plunged off that viaduct…

In 1967, it was a train that derailed, and of course, the best the special effects folk could manage was a huge cardboard box for a train and some smoke, but it still had the nation gripped.

Here’s a clip…

And of course, EastEnders is notorious for its Christmas storylines which have included all manner of horrors, such as the big dun dun dun moments when Max and Stacey’s affair was revealed, and last year Archie Mitchell’s murder…

And there was the year that poor Arthur Fowler had an awesome meltdown on Christmas Day. In case you don’t remember that – or are lucky enough to be too young to – here’s a reminder…

Sorry about the ad before the clip by the way!

Bless him.

But this year’s actual Christmas looks like it’s going to be relatively pain free for the ‘Enders, until on New Year’s Eve (SPOILER ALERT!) that is when Ronnie will apparently find her newborn baby dead, and will swap her infant for Kat’s.

What’s been your favourite soapy Christmas storyline? Was it Den telling Angie he knew she’d lied about having terminal cancer?

Was it when Sally Webster’s daughter was born in the back of a car, or when Tracy Barlow murdered Charlie Stubbs?

Or maybe, like me, the Emmerdale plane crash has stayed lodged in your Christmas soaps memory banks?

Do let us know!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.