Emmerdale: Corrine Wicks (Ella Hart) latest villager to leave the Dales?

Another week, another cast member’s departure revealed, or so it would seem for ITV’s Emmerdale.

Over the last few months we have seen the likes of Ryan (James Sutton) and Faye (Kim Thomson) Lamb leave the village, as well as exits announced for Eve (Suzanne Shaw), Kelly (Adele Silva), Scarlet (Kelsey-Beth Crossley), Roz (Kirsty Leigh Porter), Mia (Sapphire Elia) and now we can add Ella (Corrine Wicks) to the every growing list.

With the news of the live episode planned for the 40th anniversary making its way round the soap rumour mill and talks of the story lines which will reach their climax during the episode, being prepared to start soon, we cant help but wonder if it is all related.

All the changes are being made by new series producer Stuart Blackburn, who has taken the helm of the show since the tragic and premature passing of beloved series producer Gavin Blythe, who lost his battle with cancer last year. The cast are said to feel very uneasy and worried for their own jobs as he continues to shake things up in preparation for the live episode. Stuart is quoted in The People, as saying:

“Unfortunately some of the strongest drama dictates the exit of characters.”

Wicks joined the cast last year as ex wife to new home farm owner and ruthless business man, Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) and her current storyline has seen her embark on an illicit affair with Adam Barton (Adam Thomas), the boyfriend of her daughter Mia.

With Mia’s departure having been announced last week, it looks pretty obvious how the exits will come about, as the affair is set to be discovered by both cheated father and daughter very soon.

Corrine said: “I’ve had a wonderful time playing Ella and am very much looking forward to filming the dramatic story ahead, as her impulsive behaviour backfires with devastating results.”