Emmerdale: Did you guess that Zak was the Judgement Day attacker?!

Last night was of course the big reveal of the Judgement Day attacker, and it of course turned out to be Zak, who’s played by Steve Halliwell.

We’d known for some time who it was, and I was of course itching to spill the beans, but would’ve faced ITV’s wrath had I done so, and that’s some big wrath!

But did you think it was going to be Zak?

And of course now, it remains to be seen whether Cain (Jeff Hordley) will tell the truth about the attack, which would then mean that Jai (Chris Bisson) is off the hook.

But even if Cain does drop the charges against Jai, will he report that his dad was the real attacker, given it would mean that Zak would most likely then get life behind bars?

Well, Steve Halliwell has been talking to Digital Spy about the plotline, and when asked what drove Zak to beat Cain so badly, Steve said, “It’s been an ongoing thing. Cain’s been humiliating Zak, saying he was past it.

“He punched him in the face saying, ‘You’re an old man, you can’t do anything about it’.

“Zak was always a strong physical man and he has got older and is a bit more wary of the younger lads these days, so Cain was rubbing it in.

“Then what he’d done to Amy. Also, Zak was ashamed of the affair with Moira, that Cain was messing up people’s families.

“He’s been generally ashamed of the things Cain was doing and no matter what Zak said to him, he just continued being abusive to people around the village.

“In his mind and old-fashioned way of thinking, a father’s job is to discipline your son, so he felt it was his duty to do it.

“And the only way to stop him was to be violent, but he went too far.”

Steve was then asked if Zak’s is serious about confessing to the police that he carried out the attack, to which he replied, “Yes, there are certain principles – even though he lost the plot.

“He thinks, ‘I wouldn’t be any sort of man if I let an innocent bloke like Jai go down for attempted murder and a long spell in prison’.

“He couldn’t let it happen. Cain points out to him all the things he’ll miss, like his daughter growing up. He goads him that he won’t turn himself in.

“But in the end, Zak says ‘I don’t care, I’ll face it all, I’ve got to do this, if you don’t tell the police the truth, I’m going to have to’.”

And finally, Steve revealed that he’s loved being part of such a big storyline, and is looking forward to what lies ahead for the Dingles.

He said, “I’ve heard it’s a big year ahead for Zak and it’s very nice. I’m on the periphery of other people’s stories most of the time which is fine – you can’t have stories all the time. But this is nice.

“I think Zak getting testicular cancer was the last major storyline, also Lisa’s rape. There are always stories around the Dingle family which is great, but it hasn’t been about Zak for a while so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Just in case you missed the big reveal, here’s the moment the truth came out…

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