Emmerdale: Dominic Brunt on “exciting” Christmas Day episode, plus spoilers!

by Lynn Connolly

ITV have just revealed a more details synopsis for the episode of Emmerdale that will air on Christmas Day at 6pm with a bumper hour-long installment.

And according to Dominic Brunt, who plays lovable vet Paddy Kirk, the yuletide edition from the Dales is to be an “exciting” one.

Speaking to OK magazine, Dominic said, “I’ve actually seen the Christmas episode – and Paddy’s not in it!

“He’ll be back in the New Year, big time.

“But it’s an amazing episode, with three storylines that culminate. Down on paper, you think, that’s a bit depressing for Christmas Day!

“But I watched it, and it’s one of the most gripping and exciting episodes I’ve ever seen.”

So what’s going to happen I hear you cry?

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On Christmas Day, Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny) is still torn as to whether she made the right decision in bringing baby Kyle home, but Val (Charlie Hardwick) is delighted with the infant, and therefore, hovers around Amy and the baby constantly, which isn’t helping the troubled teen to relax at all.

And that becomes a worrying turn of events when, while bathing Kyle, Amy’s mind wanders as she ponders what she’s done in bringing him home, and the little boy begins to slip into the water…

Fortunately, Val rushes in just in time to stop Kyle sliding under the water, but Amy’s horrified and cries that she isn’t fit to be a mother.

She then makes a decision that could cause heartbreak for everyone around her.

Elsewhere, Alicia (Natalie Anderson) is upset that Andy’s daughter Sarah has a big pile of presents, while her son Jacob has more modest gifts awaiting him on the big day, which she and Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) have agreed to spend at Debbie’s for Sarah’s sake.

As the day wears on, with Sarah (Sophia Amber Moore) getting more and more presents as family and friends drop in, the tension between doting mums Alicia and Debbie becomes fraught, and finally, over lunch, it reaches breaking point.

Debbie (Charley Webb) angrily tips Alicia’s dinner over her head, which, unsurprisingly, does not help matters but at all.

However, later on in the day, Debbie slips quietly away to do a pregnancy test, after Cameron (Dominic Power) decides he can’t sit around while she takes the test to find out if she’s expecting Andy’s baby.

But when the test is negative, Debbie’s heartbroken, and sobs all alone.

Over in the Woolpack, Moira (Natalie J Robb) decides to brave it and visit her family on Christmas Day, even though she knows John (James Thornton) doesn’t want her there.

However, when she gets to the door, her courage fails her when she hears her kids and husband laughing and joking inside. So, she leaves without calling in, but she does leave gifts for everyone in the barn.

But, furious that he thinks she just couldn’t be bothered to come round, Moira’s son Adam (Adam Thomas) angrily confronts her at the pub later in the day, and as he’s venting to his mum, John finds the gifts Moira left, and quietly weeps over them.

With the rest of the villagers, Ashley (John Middleton) has invited half the village round for Christmas dinner in an attempt to ease the uncomfortable tension between himself and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) while Chas (Lucy Pargeter) is hurt that Aaron (Danny Miller) didn’t get her a Christmas present.

Also, young Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) gets a Christmas kiss from Sean (Luke Roskell) and Hazel (Pauline Quirke) makes a lonely visit to Jackson’s grave.


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