Emmerdale: Exclusive interview with Adele Silva (Kelly Windsor)

The moment we were all waiting for was finally delivered on Emmerdale a few weeks ago, with a huge helping of ‘just deserts’, when amnesia suffering Jimmy King remembered it was scheming ex girlfriend Kelly Windsor who had hit him over the head with a torch, causing his memory loss.

But the timing could not have been worse!

Before these incriminating recollections, Jimmy (Nick Miles) had embarked a new romance with Kelly (Adele Silva) after she tricked him into believing they had been having an affair and she then introduced him to their son, Elliott.

The first thoughts of most fans was that Elliott was not actually Jimmy’s son, but as Nick Miles confirmed in our exclusive Twitter interview that Jimmy was indeed Elliott’s father, we all waited with baited breath to see what happened next.

With Jimmy’s memory returning slowly, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the game was up for Kelly and in true Jimmy style, the haulage boss remembered the attack and his feelings for Nicola, just when she had given up on him and filed for divorce.

Kelly, left heartbroken by being rejected by the love of her life again, presented Jimmy with an ultimatum, her and Elliott as a package family, or he will never see Elliott again. Jimmy declined in no uncertain terms, forcing Kelly to pack up and leave the village devastated.

Although her behaviour is unforgivable, you cant help but feel sorry for Kelly who seems to be finally genuine about her feelings for Jimmy and who’s desperate actions make her ever so slightly vulnerable for the first time in her characters history.

I caught up with Adele Silva who plays Kelly Windsor via social networking site, Twitter, to ask her about the storyline and what the future holds for both herself and Kelly.

Hi Adele, we are all very sad to see you are leaving Emmerdale again, have you enjoyed your stint back in the dales?

Yep its been fab, Kelly is a great character so I know shes always going to be ruffling a few feathers x

The amnesia storyline must have been hard to film, and challenging for all of you. Did you have to research the condition like Nick Miles (who plays Jimmy King) did?

I looked into it, not as thoroughly as Nick but I wanted an idea of the condition

Its sad to see Kelly get pushed out by Jimmy, but also a bit deserving given her behaviour. Have you had a lot of negativity from the viewers?

Not really, its nice when people say they dislike her as it makes me feel like I’m doing a convincing job x

We know that Kelly is leaving, but will she be returning, and is this storyline going to have a happy ending for her?

The door has been left open and I think there is still lots of storyline potentials x

The on screen chemistry between you, Nick and Nicola was electric, was it fun to really get Kelly in the thick of nastiness again?

Yep it always is x

What are your plans for the future after leaving Emmerdale?

I’m currently filming Strippers Vs Werewolves  playing Justice … A world away fom Kelly, a British horror comedy x

Finally, we know that the producers keep you all tight lipped about the storylines, but do you have any goss you would like to tease us with?

She’ll be back x

A big thank you to Adele for giving us this interview, and I am sure will join us in wishing her the very best for her up and coming project, Strippers Vs Werewolves, for more information on its production please check out the website blackandbluefilms.com.