Emmerdale: ITV receives complaints over live 40th anniversary episode!

by Anna Howell

Whilst most of us are still getting over the utter brilliance that was the 40th anniversary live episode of Emmerdale, it would seem that not everyone is in agreement over its success!

According to the Metro newspaper, TV broadcasting regulating authority, Ofcom, has received complaints from some viewers over some of the content shown in the first ever, hour long live episode of the hugely popular ITV soap.

Fans of the show will know how during the epic episode, shown last month, the weddings of both Chastity Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and Katie Sugden (Sammy Winward) to Declan Macey (Jason Merelles) were set to take place. However, Carl King (Tom Lister) had discovered that Chas had been having an affair with Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) and had been blackmailing the pair to keep quiet. Desperate for her niece Debbie (Charlie Webb), who was Cameron’s pregnant fiancée, not to find out about their betrayal, Chas agreed to every term laid out by Carl, even robbing her own pub in order to do so, but when he upped the stakes and demanded she run away with him, things turned very sinister.

Originally Chas’ idea was to marry Dan as quickly as possible and then run away with him, but when he would not agree to go with her she left him high and dry and tried to make off in his beloved camper van. Unfortunately for her, Carl turned up, forcing her to have to go along with his plan, despite hating him, but when things started to turn physical she pushed him away and told him she couldn’t do it.

This angered Carl, who forced her on to the ground, and whilst there was nothing explicit shown, there was a very strong implication that his intention was to rape her. That is until she hit him over the head with a brick and running off, leaving him for dead.

Whilst, harrowing in its suggestion, most people found the episode, which was filmed entirely live with no mistakes, brilliant, but it seems there have been a few viewers who have made complaints about the attempted rape scene, which peaked an audience of 9.15million viewers.

ITV have confirmed that they have received a ‘handful’ of complaints regarding the attempted rape itself, and a further 18 from those who thought that the scene was too violent for its 7pm time slot.

An ITV spokesperson told Broadcast: “We are aware that there were a few complaints to Ofcom about the level of violence in the episode. The programme also got very many letters and emails praising it.

“We were very careful to keep the drama within acceptable bounds for pre-watershed scheduling, and the episode was preceded by a continuity announcement that some scenes might be upsetting.”

If you haven’t already watched the scene in question, click play below:

Do you agree that the scenes were too violent or suggestive, or do you think that the subject was handled with care?  Leave your thoughts and opinions below: