Emmerdale: Jackson (Marc Silcock) confirms suicide exit will be memroable

It would seem that the will he/wont he saga of Jackson Walsh’s suicide bid has finally been decided.

Marc Silcock, who plays tetraplegic Jackson Walsh in ITV’s Emmerdale, has told The Boston Herald that he will be filming his last scenes on May 14th, to be shown on the daily soap some time the following month.

Viewers have recently seen Jackson’s boyfriend, Aaron (Danny Miller) watch Jackson’s private video diary, which contained his innermost thoughts about his ‘new’ life, following his train accident last year.

Distraught Aaron, who had only recently rekindled their relationship, convinced Jackson’s mum, Hazel (Pauline Quirke) to watch the videos also, and the two, after confronting Jackson about his plans, have started a mission to change his mind.

But it would seem their campaign will be in vain, as Silcock revealed that the wheelchair bound builder is not to be put off the idea of ending his life.

Talking to the paper, Silcock said, “There is a large time where [Jackson and Aaron] are happy together because we decide to go, ‘Okay, we’ll give it a go. We’ll see what kind of life we can have’,” he said. “That’s something people can look forward to. There’s going to be lots of laughs, lots of jokes… We are going to see a bright light of shining happiness – for a while.

“When that comes to an end, we’ll start discussing the issues that people will understand a bit more and appreciate a bit more.”

Pressed for his on views on assisted suicide, Silcock argued: “Why shouldn’t you have that choice? If you’ve had an accident, why should you be kept in a prison cell for a crime you haven’t committed? You should have the choice.

“You’re trapped in a body for something you didn’t do. There shouldn’t be such an uproar around it. It shouldn’t be such a taboo subject.”

He added: “We believe what we’re going to be talking about is something that needs to be talked about and hasn’t been talked about in British TV, let alone a soap, and that’s really important for me, to really think that a really unappreciated subject will be brought to the forefront.”

Although he refused to confirm whether Jackson will have his wish to die granted by Aaron and Hazel, Silcock promised: “I think it’s going to be an exit people will remember.”