Emmerdale: Jane Cox speaks out about “preconceived ideas” over rape storyline

Jane Cox, who plays Lisa Dingle in Emmerdale, has spoken to TV Times magazine about the “preconceived” ideas that some people seem to have about rape victims.

In Emmerdale, Jane’s character was of course raped by her co-worker Derek, who’s played by Steve Bent.

Jane told the magazine, “People have preconceived ideas about what a rape victim looks like, but it’s not about being young and beautiful…

“Rape is all about power and control. Telly is often all glamour and airbrushing.

“People have said on internet forums, ‘Who would want to rape Lisa Dingle?’

“But that’s what has people interested. Anyone can be a rape victim.

“The majority of rapes are committed by men that women know and trust.

“That’s why I think this storyline is so brilliant – it’s got people thinking.”

However, Jane went on to say that she has been worried how her co-star Steve Bent would be treated by the public because of his role.

She said, “I was worried about Steve. He’s such a lovely man and a generous actor.

“I didn’t want people to hound him, thinking he was like Derek. That hasn’t happened, which I’m pleased about.”

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