Emmerdale: Jason Merrelles (Declan Macey) wants more live episodes!

by Anna Howell

Emmerdale star, Jason Merelles, has revealed that he, and the rest of the cast, want to do more live episodes.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how, during their 40th anniversary celebrations last year, Jason who plays Declan Macey was one of the pinnacle characters involved in the epic Emmerdale live episode.

Declan took part of the central stage as he shared a double wedding ceremony to his wife, Katie Sugden (Sammy Winward) along with her best friend, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox). The episode, which went off without a single hitch, came to a crashing climax when Chas ended up hitting her ex, and blackmailer, Carl King (Tom Lister), over the head with a brick after he tried to rape her, and ran off believing he was dead.

The episode received much critical acclaim, and was well received by everyone who watched it, so with their first attempt being such a phenomenal success, we can understand why they would like to have another go.

And it seems that Merelles would agree.

Speaking on Loose Women last week the actor, whose character is about to embark on a steamy affair with his best friend, Jai’s (Chris Bisson) wife, Charity (Emma Atkins), discussed the live episode:

“It was the perfect marriage of theatre and TV, because everyone came together. It was great, it was really wonderful.

“At the time, our producer said, ‘Let’s do this every year!’ We all said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it, it’s great’. It’s a real good buzz, but it’s one of those things that has to be a special occasion.”

On the subject of Declan’s affair with Charity, which fans saw being during the hour long episode on Friday, Merelles continued:

“I don’t think we’re going to run off into the sunset together! I think it’ll be complicated. I think they’re both a bit sharky, they’re both manipulators and I think they’ve got a connection. But I don’t think it’s something that will be a fairytale.”

Watch a clip from Emmerdale Live below:

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