Emmerdale: Jeff Hordley loves his new look! And show’s exec teases 2012 plotlines

Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley, who of course plays baddest of bad lads, Cain Dingle, has told Inside Soap that he’s loving his new shaved-head look.

Jeff had to shave his hair off for the Judgement Day storyline, or rather, its aftermath, since Cain had surgery on his brain and therefore had to have his head shaved.

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Jeff, who’s married to his Emmerdale co-star Zoe Henry, said, “My new hair is really working for me!

“It’s no fuss in the shower, and soon it’ll have grown out into a crew cut, which I really like.

“I didn’t like it when my hair was first shaved off, though. I thought I looked like Sam the Eagle from The Muppet Show – the character with the big eyebrows…

“I’m having to grow it all back now anyway, as I’m under strict instructions from the make-up department at Emmerdale.”

So of course, at least we know Cain’s storyline will continue throughout 2012, including the reveal of who attacked him coming up on January 5th, but also, the show’s executive producer, Stuart Blackburn, has been hinting what’s coming up for other characters in the New Year.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Blackburn first spoke of what lies ahead for Debbie (Charley Webb) and Andy (Kelvin Fletcher).

He said, “While they’re both saying they will do anything they can to save Sarah, some of those decisions are going to be impossible.

“In the middle of all this, their emotions and feelings for each other are going to get incredibly mixed.

“There will be casualties and a more dangerous and potentially destructive edge to it.”

And of the Charity (Emma Atkins) and Jai (Chris Bisson) storylines, Blackburn teased, “The problem now as they head towards a shot-gun wedding is the fear that Cain has already done his worst.

“They are great together and so close to being happy but it might be too little too late.”

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Of the Dingles, Blackburn said, “The trouble for them is Zak’s (Steve Halliwell) son Cain. Everything Cain has done, and will do, will reverberate and the results are going to be utterly devastating.

“They are going to have the biggest tests ever.

“It’s going to be a massive year for them and whether they can get through it as a family is a big question.”

And finally, of the arrival of Megan Macey, who’s to be played by Gaynor Faye, Blackburn said, “Megan really is fantastic. Declan, her brother, is an incredibly complex character…

“But if you thought that he was complicated, then you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks!

“Megan can get on with everyone and be incredibly charming but you’ll have no idea whether she’s praising you or damning you.

“She’s a very clever but very manipulative woman.”

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