Emmerdale: Jimmy King and Kelly Windsor cause Nicola’s heartbreak

by Anna Howell

Nicola’s world is turned upside down next week, following the revelations of what was going on before the accident.

Lets start at the beginning…..

Jimmy (Nick Miles) confides in Carl (Tom Lister) and Scarlet (Kelsey-Beth Crossley) that Jimmy and Kelly (Adele Silva) have a child together, Eliot. Carl is sceptical and tells Jimmy that he needs to have a paternity test done. Together they go to see Kelly, who is staying with Bob, and tell her they want the test done. Kelly explains that a test was the first thing Jimmy insisted on when she first told him, and produces the proof that the child is indeed his.

In the meantime, unaware of this development, Rodney arranges to meet with Kelly for a drink, with the sole purpose of finding out the truth about the boy.

Their meeting is interrupted by a furious Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), who demands to know what they are discussing, forcing Kelly to reveal the whole story, paternity test and all.

With the truth out, Nicola’s world comes screeching to a halt as she realises Jimmy’s deception in meeting Kelly behind her back. Jimmy has no answers for her, it all still being news to him, but a frustrated Nicola wants some justice, and charges at Kelly before being thrown out of the pub by new landlady Chas (told you they were a force to be reckoned with).

Jimmy goes to find Nicola later, but as she refuses to talk to him, he heads back to Kelly. He confides in her that he does not know how we will be able to chose between his children, when Kelly conveniently informs him that he was already planning on leaving Nicola to be be with her and Eliot.

Seeing as the reason Jimmy ditched Kelly in the first place was because of her abortion, this seems like it might have some weight behind it, but this is Kelly we are talking about, anything could be possible!