Emmerdale: Jimmy King remembers Kelly’s attack!

by Anna Howell

It is the moment all Emmerdale fans have been waiting for, Jimmy Kings memory is coming back!

We have all been hoping that Jimmy King (Nick Miles) would come to his senses and realise the mistake he has made in choosing Kelly Windsor (Adele Silva) over long suffering wife, Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), and it looks like tonight is the night!

Jimmy has recently suffered from amnesia due to being hit over the head with a torch by Kelly, and has since been trying to remember who he was in his previous life.

Unaware of his wife, Nicola, and daughter, Angelica, he tried to re-build a relationship with them when devious Kelly returned to the village claiming they had been having an affair and that he was the father of her 4 year old son, Elliott.

Whilst viewers were aware that the two were meeting in secret behind Nicola’s back, it still remains a mystery as to whether this story is true, the only fact of which we know for sure is that Kelly hit Jimmy after he refused to give her any more money.

Since returning to Emmerdale, Kelly has doctored photographs, with the help of her partner in crime, sister home-wrecker Eve (Suzanne Shaw), and convinced him they were in love.

Jimmy was at first torn between Kelly and Nicola, despite warnings from everyone about Kelly’s devious nature and past behaviour, and looked to make the right choice by poor, devastated Nicola, when Kelly sabotaged their reunion by telling him that Nicola had tried to bribe her to leave him alone.

Since then, Jimmy has set up shop playing happy families with Kelly and Elliott, declaring he loves her and plans to form his future round them.

Recent episodes have seen Jimmy start to get flash backs of his old life, annoyingly all showing Kelly in a good light, making him believe her lies even more.

But tomorrow night this is all about to change as during a play fight with Kelly on the sofa, what happened to him in the truck clearly flashes back in his memory, triggered by Kelly hitting him with a pillow.

We can’t wait!