Emmerdale: Kelvin Fletcher ‘Andy Sugden is a stupid, angry lad’

by Lisa McGarry

Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher has admitted that he empathises with his character Andy Sugden.

The hunky farmer has served time in prison and became hated in the village after he routinely beat and abused his wife Jo, however in an interview with The Mirror Kelvin said that often Andy is just “misunderstood” by other characters in the ITV soap.

He told the newspaper:

“I’ve grown up with Andy so I understand him.”

“I don’t condone the bad things he’s done but he’s not evil. He’s just a stupid, angry lad.

“I feel very protective of him. When you look at everything he’s been through along the way, who wouldn’t have a few problems? That’s why his storylines with Katie have been so great. She’s the only person left now who has known him since he was young.”

The buff actor added:

“Andy’s a real hot-head and the complete opposite to me. I just haven’t got a temper at all. It’s quite good fun being him – I get to let off some steam and act out all these angry scenes.

“In real life people assume I’m like Andy. If I’m out they’ll be looking at me thinking I’m the one who’ll kick off – but I’m always the peaceful one.”

Fletcher also revealed that he does plan to leave Emmerdale and branch out into other projects one day.

“Don’t get me wrong, I would never think I was too good for the show but there are other things I would like to try in the future,” he said. “I’ll always be indebted to Emmerdale and I hope at some point it will lead me to try something else.”

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