Emmerdale: Lisa Dingle and Zak in trouble as rapist Derek is found not guilty

by Anna Howell

In Emmerdale next week the trial of Derek will start for the rape of Lisa and another girl.

As Lisa (Jane Cox) prepares herself for the ordeal, tensions run high again between her and her husband Zak, as he is uncomfortable with the whole situation.

It all starts when Cain (Jeff Hordley) taunts his father, Zak (Steve Halliwell), for not finishing off rapist Derek (Stephen Brent) when he had the chance.

Taking this to heart, Zak takes out his frustrations on Lisa, telling her if she had let him handle it his way then Derek would not have gone on to rape anyone else, basically implying Lisa is responsible for the other woman’s ordeal.

The outcome of this raw emotional showdown, is that Lisa tells Zak that she does not want him in court when she gives her evidence, secretly glad of an excuse to do so, as she is starting to worry that it will be harder for her if he was there to hear the details of her attack.

The day arrives for Lisa to give evidence, and whilst she is glad her factory colleagues are in attendance for support, she is shaken by the arrival of Zak, despite her insistence that he stay away, and starts to crumble under the pressure of cross examination.

Next to the stand is Debbie (Charley Webb), who is made to look like an unreliable witness by the defence when she is asked if the reason Lisa didn’t tell Zak straight away about the rape could be because the intercourse was consensual.

The results of damning cross examination is that, although Derek is found guilty of raping the other woman, he is found not guilty of raping Lisa.

The aftermath for the Dingles is despairing, when Lisa blames Zak for not supporting her properly, going against her and ruining the case, and she leaves saying she would be better off on her own from now on.

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