Emmerdale: Lucy Pargeter is pleased that Chas is innocent!

by Anna Howell

Emmerdale actress, Lucy Pargeter, has admitted that she is “glad” that her character Chas Dingle was not responsible for the death of her ex-fiancé Carl King.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how during last month’s dramatic live episode to mark the shows 40th anniversary, Chas hit Carl (Tom Lister) over the head with a brick while he was attempting to rape her.

The act was a dramatic climax to a storyline that had been building for months.

Chas had been having an affair with Cameron Murray (Dominic Power), who was engaged to her niece, Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb). Still obsessed with Chas, Carl had used the discovery of this affair to blackmail the pair, first for money, then for Chas, in order to keep quiet and not destroy the family.

However, when it came to the crunch, Chas could not go through with running away with Carl, as he demanded, but when he wouldn’t take no for an answer, she was forced to use force and hit him over the head with the first thing she could lay her hands on, which happened to be the brick!

Carl’s attack on Chas which lead to the first brick blow to his head

Carl fell to the ground and Chas ran off, leaving him for dead, but unbeknown to her, Carl came round, but by this time Cameron had discovered the scene, and picked up the same brick to deliver the deadly blow that finished him off.

Unfortunately Carl had managed to send text messages to Debbie exposing the affair before Cameron had found him and so their dirty little secret was out for all to see. Wracked with guilt, Chas handed herself into the police for the murder she thinks she has committed, whilst Cameron publicly declared he would stand by her and they will be together when she gets let off the crime in self-defence.

Unfortunately for them, the judge wasn’t convinced that it was self-defence, and Chas has remained in custody since her arrest awaiting trial for the murder of Carl King.

However, Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas in the soap, has predicted that things will turn out better for her character in the end, despite things looking far from good for her at the moment!
Speaking to Inside Soap’s Yearbook 2013, when asked if she was disappointed not to have been Carl’s killer, Pargeter commented: “No, I’m glad. It means Chas won’t be sent down for murder and I’ll get to keep my job!

“But I also think it’s a nice twist that Cameron’s letting her take the blame for something he did, and there’ll be big repercussions for a long while to come.”

Discussing the reaction she had received from the public over the plot, Pargeter continued: “It’s strange, because I haven’t had an awful lot of negativity about the affair. A lot of people have sympathised with Chas, especially after what happened in the live episode. You can’t control your heart, can you? The only negative thing people say to me is that I’ve had too many storylines recently!”

However, she insists that she is looking forward to getting back to work, adding: “I hate not working. I’ve had quite a bit of time off recently, and my fiancé Rudi is happy for me to go back because I tend to knock down walls in the house when I’m off! I can’t sit still – I like being challenged.”

Watch the moment that Cameron finished Carl off in the clip below:

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