Emmerdale: Lucy Pargeter on what’s ahead for Chas Dingle, including guilty plea and suicide storyline!

by Lynn Connolly

Fans of Emmerdale will of course know that Chas Dingle is currently being held on remand in prison awaiting trial for the murder of Carl King, who was of course played by Tom Lister…

And today, Digital Spy report that Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, has been revealing what lies ahead for her character, and it seems there are dark times indeed for her!

First, having revealed that when Chas goes to court next week, she’ll have made up her mind to plead guilty to killing Carl – even though it was of course her lover Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) who struck the fatal blow – and even going as far as to fire her lawyer, saying she wants to be punished for her crime.

However, an unlikely savior is going to come to Chas’s aid, but not before Chas’s morale is given a further knock by the suicide of her cellmate, Tracey…

Lucy explained, “Chas is struggling – she really finds it hard to be cut off from everyone.

“It’s very depressing and scary. She is also very worried about her future.”

And of the suicide of Tracey, who is Chas’s only friend in prison – who kills herself after receiving a five year sentence – Lucy said, “She is very shaken when Tracey kills herself…

“Tracey had been so positive and had actually made Chas feel better about it all. She was fun and very bright and breezy.

“They had been talking about the best tactics for getting off with a lighter sentence – flashing a bit of thigh or a top lawyer.

“So Chas takes her death very hard – she is numb with shock and fears the worst for herself, as she could be facing a tougher sentence than Tracey as she is up for murder.

“It makes Chas very scared that someone like Tracey felt that was the only way out and she didn’t even get a very long sentence.”

Lucy then explained that when Cameron later visits Chas in prison, and tells her that Jimmy King (Nick Miles) has offered to pay Chas’s legal fees, she’s left astounded, given that she is of course accused of murdering Jimmy’s brother!

Lucy said, “She is surprised at first, as Cameron says he has some money but when she pushes him to say how he got it, he admits it was Jimmy.

“She does wonder why when she’s the one that killed his brother.”

However, it seems that Jimmy’s kind gesture is to be wasted…

Lucy said, “By now she is fairly apathetic and doesn’t really see that anything is going to help her case.

“Cameron is shocked by her defeatist attitude. She just feels really negative about the whole thing after her friend’s death, and then she sacks her solicitor.

“The solicitor had got frustrated that she was not helping the situation.

“It all happens when they have an unproductive meeting, where Chas is so despondent that the solicitor gets annoyed with her for being so negative.

“She thinks it’s just a job to him and he doesn’t really care what happens to her, so she sacks him.”

And when asked why Chas has given up on fighting for her freedom, Lucy said, “I think Chas thinks being found guilty is the only outcome anyway – she can’t see why anyone would believe otherwise.

“She has lost all hope at this stage.

“She actually has a line in the script where she says to Cameron that short of someone walking into the court and admitting they killed Carl, she is going down for a very long time…

“Cameron is shocked by Chas’s opinion that it’s not worth doing anything but plead guilty, so he tells Jimmy who takes it on as his mission to try and change her mind.”

Lucy then revealed that Jimmy is set to visit with Chas. She said, “They talk about Carl and you’ll see Jimmy’s raw emotion concerning his brother and the conflicted feelings he has.

“Chas initially is quite light with Jimmy, but they both know the seriousness of what is about to happen.

“Jimmy does his best to put his case across and then leaves.

“That night, you’ll see Chas in her cell just staring into space and you’ll wonder if Jimmy’s words might have made an impression on her.

“He told her to fight and not to let Carl’s death get to her – she did what she had to do as Carl was attacking her.”

But of course, only we viewers and Cameron know that he is really to blame for Carl’s death, but when asked how Chas would react if she knew the truth about her lover, Lucy said, “I think Chas is just so convinced that she dealt the fatal blow, it’s not really been something she has picked up on…

“As for how she’d react if she knew the truth, I don’t even want to go there, as it’s a volcano of a secret that would be very destructive!

“Chas is actually really touched that despite everything Cameron has chosen to stay around.

“She’s not aware of the conflict he is fighting to tell the truth.”

And finally, when asked if Chas will be facing Christmas in jail, or if she might be freed by then, Lucy teased, “I couldn’t possibly say!”

But of course, we always have our ear firmly to the ground when it comes to new spoilers, so if we get to hear if Chas makes it home for Christmas or not, we will of course let you know!

For now though, here’s a reminder of the moment Chas walloped Carl…

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