Emmerdale: Marc Silcock says Jackson’s assisted suicide was deliberately ‘horrific’ (VIDEO)

Marc Silcock has revealed that Emmerdale bosses deliberately made his character’s last scenes on the ITV soap ‘horrific’, because they didn’t want to ‘glorifythe nature of assisted suicide.

Viewers were upset and emotional last night, after Jackson Walsh was fed a cocktail of drugs by his partner Aaron Livesy. Aaron then sobbed and cried while his lover died in the arms of his mum, Hazel.

Speaking to The Sun, Marc said they made the scenes as hard to watch as possible, so that it wouldn’t seem like to easy option to people watching.

He told The Sun:

“We ensured it wasn’t beautiful – it is horrific, because it’s a horrific thing.

“Some people might have liked to have seen soft music in the background and for Jackson to slowly drift off to sleep.

“But that’s not reality and not what happens. We didn’t want to glorify it for one second.

“You see the love between the three of them in those scenes, which is beautiful. But what happens is not beautiful in any way.

“In reality, helping someone kill themselves would be a hideous thing, and we try to show that as best as possible.”

“I just hope people will see what’s gone into those episodes. We want people to ask themselves what they would do in Hazel and Aaron’s situation.”

ITV bosses made sure that Marc’s exit scenes were done properly and the actor explained that they were allotted extra time while filming, to make sure they got the emotion and detail right.

He added:

“We had five hours to film it, which is unheard of.

“It meant we had time to go through it in so much detail, so by the end of rehearsals we knew exactly what we were going to do. Everyone took it incredibly seriously.”

“We usually mess about and have a laugh on set but it was the quietest I’ve ever heard those studios in the entire time I’ve been there, because we knew what it meant.”

“Thankfully I was given a massive amount of support throughout filming. I realised it was a huge storyline and I took it very seriously.”

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