Emmerdale News & Spoilers: Exclusive interview with Corrinne Wicks (Ella Hart)

With her marriage failing before her eyes and the secret of her affair with her daughter’s boyfriend hanging over her life like a hangman’s noose, things seem to be spiralling out of control for Emmerdale’s Ella Hart.

Today, in an exclusive interview, Corrinne Wicks, who plays the blonde bomb shell talks about her character’s departure storyline.

It was obvious that things weren’t going to end well the second Ella got into bed with daughter Mia’s (Sapphire Ellia) hunky boyfriend, Adam (Adam Thomas) and the storyline is set to come to an end in the next few weeks, with both Ella and Mia leaving the show.

I caught up with Corrinne Wicks, who plays Ella, via Twitter for this exclusive interview on her character’s departure.

Hi Corrinne, thanks for speaking with me, we know that you are leaving Emmerdale, have you enjoyed your time there, and will you be sad to go?

I loved it! Such a great job. And yes, I am sad to go but it’s been a great experience.

So, is Ella’s exit an explosive one, and will the door be left open for her?

It is explosive. She has a few tricks up her sleeve yet and there will be unfinished business so I think the door is open a bit.

Can you tell us if Mia finds out about Ella and Adam?

Ah, Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t…. You don’t really want to know that cos it’ll spoil it for viewers.

Well, we know that Sapphire Ellia is leaving soon too, has she been nice to work with?

I could joke and say no but that wouldn’t be true. She is a wonderful, giving, loving person and a good friend too.

How do you think Mia would react if she found out? would Ella be able to repair the damage?

I think any daughter finding out a thing like that would hit the roof but Ella and she have a great relationship so maybe she can repair it.

What storyline’s have you particularly enjoyed during your time at emmerdale?

The stuff over Christmas and New Year when Ella got back together with Dec was good fun and, of course, the Adam affair and reveal was great.

Who have you enjoyed working with, and who would you like to have worked with more?

Loved working with Jason, Emma Atkins, Adam & Saph. Would liked to have done more with Sam, John, Cain, Aaron….there’s a theme here!

If you could work on another soap, which would it be?

EastEnders defo! Have watched it since it started. My name is Wicks and my married name is Butcher so I am destined to be in it!

Finally, what does the future hold for you now, do you have any exciting projects to start when you finish Emmerdale?

I am planning to work on a project with my husband at the end of the year. Until then….The world is my oyster..

Many thanks to Corrinne for giving us this interview, and I am sure you will join me in wishing her every luck and success with all her future projects.

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