Emmerdale: Nicola King will get revenge on husband Jimmy when he dumps her!

As fans of Emmerdale will know, Nicola King is currently imposing a sex ban on her hapless hubby Jimmy, and she says the ban will remain in place until he agrees to have a vasectomy.

However, Jimmy (Nick Miles) is very much against the idea of having the snip, but he’s struggling to cope with his enforced monk-like existence…

So, he decides to call Nicola’s bluff, and he tells her that if she won’t change her mind on the subject, he’s leaving her!

Nicola Wheeler, who plays feisty Nicola King, has been telling Soaplife what happens…

She said, “She doesn’t want any more children and also doesn’t want to risk any accidents.

“Jimmy agrees about no more children, but he thinks Nicola should just take the pill.”

She added, “But she believes there’s no risk with a vasectomy. Whereas taking the pill is open to human error [her own], as well as possible health risks.”

As to Nicola’s sex ban, Wheeler said, “She wants to show Jimmy what he’s missing out on. She’s playing games to get her own way.”

She went on to reveal that in order to wind Jimmy up, Nicola flirts with Alex Moss (Kurtis Stacey), but it backfires on her…

Nicola said, “As usual Jimmy overreacts! But Nicola only winds him up further.”

However, when Jimmy tells her it’s over and he’s leaving her, Nicola’s “devastated.”

Wheeler added, “Nicola believes he is [serious about dumping her] and is devastated that he would want to end things over something so trivial.”

But then, Nicola overhears Jimmy bragging in the pub that he knows how to control his wife, which goes down like a lead balloon.

Nicola said, “She sees him and Alex in The Woolpack and overhears Jimmy bragging about ‘how to control Nicola’.

“He soon regrets those words ever left his mouth [when] she pours his drink over him and gets her way when he agrees to have a vasectomy after all.

“For Nicola it’s the perfect conclusion.”

But it seems that the drama for the Kings isn’t going to end there.

Nicola said, “There’s a past issue that’s going to become present and is going to cause more trouble.”

Don’t miss that drama all next week on Emmerdale.

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