Emmerdale: Sapphire Elia (Mia) leaving, exclusive Twitter interview!

It was announced in the News of the world on Sunday that Sapphire Elia, who plays Mia in Emmerdale, was being ‘axed’ from the show and was reportedly very upset about the situation.

Sapphire, true to her honest and dignified alter ego, Mia, took to You Tube to address her fans and clear up the story.

In it she said that the decision had been made for her character to leave the show, but that the door was being left open for her return and that the word ‘axed’ made the whole situation sound very final and almost like being sacked, when the fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth!

She said that she held no hostility toward the show and there had been no bad feelings regarding her exit, that she had thoroughly enjoyed her time on the ITV soap and was looking forward to moving on to new things. Elia also explained that the ability to move from one character to another was one of the biggest appeals of being an actor.

Since the you tube video was realised, I have spoken to the lovely Saphire via Twitter, and asked her a few more questions about her time on Emmerdale and what the future holds.

Hi Saphire, we are very sad to hear that you are leaving emmerdale, are you sad to be leaving?

I’ll miss everyone, but I’m not sad. Change is always good 🙂  Ps. Thank u

What have been your favourite storylines, involving you and in general since you joined the show?

Really enjoyed doing all my fist few eps, on the quad bike so much fun! And the slap scene with Kelsey (Scarlet). Also all the upcoming stuff with myself corrinne (Ella Hart) Adam (Adam Barton) and Jason (Declan Macy), all great stuff! Also, Janes (Lisa Dingle) story on the rape issue was pretty awesome. It’s great that the show tackles such difficult topics.

Who have you enjoyed working with the most, who do you wish you could have worked more with and who will you miss the most?
I’ve enjoyed working with Corrinne the most, and will miss her so much. She has become a life long friend. I wish I would have worked with so many of the cast.. More scenes with Emma Atkins (Charity Tate) would have been great. She’s a lovely person and a great actress.

What part of Mia will you take away with you?
… Her clothes. Lol she has a lot me from when I was 18. I’ve enjoyed playing her. It’s a shame I can’t take the house

Can you see yourself returning?
Possibly in the future. It’s very hard to say when you can’t see what’s round the corner

Would you want to be part of any other soap, and if so which one?
I grew up with eastenders. So it would have to be that

Will Mia get her revenge on her mother and boyfriend before she leaves?
I actually don’t know yet.. Havnt got that far in the scripts yet. Lol! If not let’s hope someone else does!

What does the future hold for Sapphire now? Do you have any exciting projects lined up yet?
Havnt been able to plan or audition because of my commitments here so that all starts very soon! I’m excited about what the future holds.

I’m sure you will all joining us in wishing Sapphire all the best in what I am sure will be a very long and successful career after Emmerdale.

Catch Sapphire’s YouTube video here.