Emmerdale spoiler: A sham wedding in the dales for Alicia Gallagher and David Metcalfe, or is it?

With the prospect of prison looking ever possible, Alicia Gallagher is getting desperate for the well-being of son Jake in Emmerdale, worried that if he goes to stay with his dad whilst she is away then she will lose custody of the young lad permanently, but David has a plan!

Whist her court date grows closer, Alicia (Natalie Anderson) starts making plans for her absence, and asks David (Matthew Wolfenden) if he would take care of Jake, which he agrees to do.
However, with her ex husband, Justin, waiting in the wing with his new wife to take the reigns of the child (who is biologically his, but not Alicia’s) the plan seems to have hit a stumbling block, as no court would give temporary custody of little Jake to David, unless he was related to the boy, or married to his mother (can you see where this is going?)

Matthew Wolfenden, who plays David Metcalfe in the popular ITV soap, has revealed to the soap’s official website that a sham marriage is on the cards for the two, but as viewers know, Alicia has fallen in love with her sisters ex, David, so the question remains whether she can let him go through with it, not knowing her real feelings.

Alicia faces prison after hitting Val (Charlie Hardwick) last week after she launched a verbal attack on David in front of her, but unfortunately, Alicia was still on a suspended sentence after striking a care worker she caught stealing from her dying mother.

Natalie Anderson, the actress who plays feisty barmaid, Alicia, is due to bow out of the show in the next few weeks on maternity leave, and is not expected back until Christmas time, so it looks pretty certain that prison is on the cards, but will she be sent down a Miss or a Mrs?

Whilst the idea of the marriage is that of an unsuspecting David, Alicia happily agrees tot he plan, but will face a moral dilemma as the weeks play out.  Wolfenden told All About Soap magazine: “It happens when they’re sat together drinking wine one evening. Alicia’s broken down in tears, talking about how Jacob is going to have to live with his father and his new stepmum, who he hates. Then she says it’s unfair that, just because Justin’s married, it’s taken for granted he can provide a better home for Jacob.

“Something is triggered in David’s head, so that’s when he decides in a bit of a drunken stupor to say, ‘Why don’t we get married then?”

“Alicia’s shocked, mostly because she’s actually totally in love with David and he, as dopey as he is, is completely blind to it and doesn’t see this gorgeous girl has fallen for him. He just sees her as his mate and the truth is, he’s not proposing for Alicia – he’s doing it to keep custody of the little lad.”

However, as you would expect in any soap wedding, sham or not, things are not set to go according to plan, and when Justin backs down from the custody battle and agrees that Jake can stay with David, Alicia decides to keep that particular piece of information to herself, and proceed with the wedding anyway.

Matthew added: “There’s an extra twist because Alicia finds out David could have custody of Jacob anyway, because Justin backs down, but she still goes ahead and marries him regardless. That all comes out, as does the fact she loves him – it’s all going to be revealed!”

Watch an interview with Natalie Anderson below:

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