Emmerdale spoiler: Alicia’s secret could land her in jail!

We reported last week how Emmerdale’s Alicia Gallagher will vent her fury at her secret Crush’s step-mum by means of a punch in the face (read original article here), leaving Val Pollard fuming, with a bloody nose, and phoning the police.

However, it would seem that, as funny as the scene will be to watch, it actually opens a huge can of worms for the Woolpack barmaid, as a well-kept secret leads her to serious trouble over the attack.

When stubborn Val (Charlie Hardwick) refuses to let the matter of the attack drop, Alicia (Natalie Anderson) starts to panic over the court hearing she faces.

Alicia hits Val after she calls David (Matthew Wolfenden) spineless in a torrent of abuse aimed at her stepson upon her return from Portugal in the next few weeks.  Alicia, who has been harbouring a secret crush on her sisters ex, sees red and lashes out at  flame haired Val, who instantly reports the incident to the police.

The day of the court case arrives, and a visibly anxious Alicia is desperate for the judge not to look through her file, whilst back at the shop David is desperately trying to get down tot he court in time to support Alicia.

Outside the court Alicia breaks down in David’s arms as she admits to her solicitor that she has a previous conviction for assaulting one of her mother’s carers.  As David tries to console her, the solicitor is less sympathetic, this could mean jail time!

With the actress who plays Alicia, Natalie Anderson, finishing filming next week before going on maternity leave, could prison be the way her character is written out till the end of the year?  A later report suggests that Val ends up dropping the charges, but could it be too little too late?

Watch some more snipits from Alicia’s criminal past in the clip below where she admits to stealing from her own sister:

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