Emmerdale spoiler: Cameron proposes to Debbie next week and there is a shocking pregnancy revealed!

OK, so fans of Emmerdale will know how after Debbie (Charley Webb) was rushed to hospital after getting knocked down trying to stop a fight between her boyfriend, Cameron (Dominic Power) and her father Cain (Jeff Hordley), Cameron made the decision to stick by her instead of running off with her Aunt Chas (Lucy Pargeter) as originally planned.

However, now that he has a dingle woman scorned one side, and a suspicious as ever Cain on the other, the love rat finds himself between a rock and a very hard place whilst trying to move on with his life.  Now that Chas has started to stir things up by implying to Debbie that she doesn’t think Cameron should be trusted and that she thought he was up to something, Cain has got hold of this and run with it like a dog with a bone.

Cameron is desperate for Debbie not to start getting suspicious and so decides that a drastic piece of action needs to be taken in order to prove to Debbie that she is the one for him, by proposing!

Perhaps not an entirely ridiculous plan, but one thing that is ridiculous about this engagement is the location, as Cameron gets down on one knee in the woolpack owned by Chas, watched by Chas.

His reasoning for this would appear to be spite, to rub Chas’ nose in the situation, hissing maliciously at his former lover:

“I love her, and I’m gunna marry her. And if you even think about screwing this up for us… You can’t stand the fact I want her more. You’re just an old, bitter vengeful cow.”

Debbie, oblivious as ever, accepts the proposal excitedly, but says that the ceremony should not go ahead until after the birth of her child, but still designates jobs for the day, including asking Chas to be Maid Of Honour.  Awkward!!

Meanwhile, Jai’s (Chris Bisson) one-night-stand with cleaner Rachel (Gemma Oaten) comes back to bite him in the bum next week when she informs him that their little indiscretion has resulted in her expecting his baby.

Despite the fact that Jai is desperate for a family but has had the idea completely declined by his husband, we mean wife, Charity (Emma Atkins) his reaction is not exactly what we would expect of the normally charming and decent factory owner.

“Is it mine?”  he asks, before offering to pay for a private termination.

However, he soon regains composure and pleads with Rachel to go ahead with the pregnancy after all, but she has a condition to agreeing to this, that he must tell Charity about it!  Rather you than us!

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