Emmerdale Spoiler: Chas (Lucy Pargeter) gets arrested for Carl’s (Tom Lister) murder!

by Anna Howell

Chas Dingle has not had a good time of things in Emmerdale lately, to say the very least, but unfortunately for her, they are about to get a whole lot worse!

Fan’s of the hit ITV1 soap will know how during this week of anniversary celebrations, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) world has come crashing down around her quite spectacularly, when the storyline she has been entangled in for months finally came to its conclusion.

Chas, as viewers saw, married Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) during the live episode on Wednesday night, but things took a sinister turn when her ex, Carl King (Tom Lister) turned up, battered and bruised from a fight with his brother, Jimmy (Nick Miles), to take her away.

Carl had been blackmailing Chas after discovering her affair with her niece Debbie’s (Charley Webb) fiancee, Cameron (Dominic Power).  Armed with a photo of her and Cameron in bed together, he insisted the only way he wouldn’t send it to Debbie would be if Chas ran away with him, which she sheepishly agreed to do.

Carl’s attack on Chas which lead to the first brick blow to his head

However, when it came to the crunch, she couldnt go through with it, and things turned very ugly ideed as Carl tried to force himself on her in Dan’s camper van.  Trying to fight him off, Chas reached for the nearest thing she could find, a brick, and struck him over the head with it, before running away leaving him for dead.

But he wasn’t dead, and managed to regain enough composure to send the picture, and a string of texts, to Debbie, who was in hospital giving birth at the time.  Meanwhile, Cameron saw Chas running away from the sun and upon investigation discovered Carl, wounded, but by no means dead.  The two argued and a struggle occurred which resulted in Cameron picking up the same brick and finishing off the job that Chas had started.

Carl’s body was discovered the next day, and Jimmy was arrested for the murder following reports that he had been fighting with Carl, the last sighting of him before the body was discovered.  However, Chas went into meltdown mode, believing it was her self-defence blow that had ended the life of the man who once upon a time was the love of her life.

When Debbie confronted Cameron with the pictures (as well as showing her parents, Cain and Charity) he hot-stepped it round to Chas, who confessed her actions to him, while he stood in silence, taking it in, not once attempting to correct her with the truth, that it was him who killed Carl.

Now, with nothing left to loose, and her family all hating her for what she did to Debbie, Chas decides to hand herself in to the police and admit her part in the killing, and the whole sorry affair including the blackmail, insisting she only hit Carl in self-defence, in scenes to be aired on ITV next week.

However, given all the information, the detectives in charge of the case decided that this was no accident, and charge her with the murder of Carl King!

Devastated that she has not been believed, Chas is set for more heartbreak when she is told that she will not be granted bail and is to remain in custody until the trial, leaving one question left to answer, will Cameron let her go to jail for a crime that he committed???

Emmerdale can be seen weeknights on ITV1/ITV1 HD.