Emmerdale Spoiler Clip: How will Debbie Dingle react when she hears Andy telling Zak he may apply for custody of the kids?! (VIDEO)

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Debbie Dingle is currently paying the price for having become a hardnosed and ruthless businesswoman of late – which she made a conscious decision to be after she was dumped by her lover Cameron Murray – and is currently even being shunned by many members of the Dingle clan…

And that is of course because it was Debbie’s knockoff vodka that put Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) in hospital last week after the troubled teenager went on a drinking binge, trying to drown sorrows of her own.

Since then, and after Robbie Lawson (Jamie Shelton) spread gossip in the village that Debbie had deliberately watered-down the booze with poisonous substances – in order to make a bigger profit – Debbie’s name has been mud, and it seems her only allies are Cameron (Dominic Power) and her granddad Zak…

And after going on a binge of her own, Debbie ended up staying at the Dingle homestead, which is where her ex, Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) calls in on Zak (Steve Halliwell) next week to inform him that he’s not ready to let Debbie see the kids, Sarah and Jack, just yet.

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When Zak objects to Andy shutting Debbie out of her children’s lives, Andy shocks the Dingle elder – and Debbie, who’s eavesdropping on the stairs – by saying that he may well go for legal custody of the kids, given the state Debbie’s been in of late.

Will he go through with his threat? Or will Debbie take action to stop it happening? Find out next week!

For now, here’s a look at the drama…

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