Emmerdale spoiler: Eric Pollard blows Alicia and David’s cover!

Oh dear, it seems that fake relationships can be just as stressful as real ones, as Emmerdale’s Alicia Gallagher and David Metcalfe are starting to discover.

And things are set to get much, much worse tonight when a disapproving Eric Pollard sticks his nose in and causes the couple even more grief with Alicia’s ex, Justin. Fans of the show will know how earlier in the week, David (Matthew Wolfenden) proposed to his ex fiancee’s sister, Alicia (Natalie Anderson) in a pre-empted bid to gain custody of her young son Jake when his mum goes to prison for assaulting Val (Charlie Hardwick).

Jake, who Alicia adopted from her sister at birth, has confided in David that he does not want to go and live with his biological dad, Justin, as he disliked his new step-mum. After telling Alicia what Jake had said the pair concocted the plan to wed before the trial so that David would be granted temporary custody of Jake in Alicia’s absence.

One slight problem though is that, unbeknown to David, Alicia is secretly in love with him. However, putting the needs of her son first, as well as probably secretly hoping that the sham wedding may just turn into the romance of the year for the busty barmaid, Alicia accepted the proposal and the pair go  about announcing their engagement tonight, much to the village’s surprise.

They let a few people in on the scam though, including Alicia’s boss, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) who knew about Alicia’s feelings toward David and warned her friend away from the idea, and David’s father Eric (Chris Chittell). Eric seemed less than enthusiastic, and is set to make his feelings on the matter perfectly clear tonight when, after David produces a diamond ring to seal the deal, he tells Justin what the pair are up to.

Eric looks on in horror as his son starts making plans for the wedding and warns him that if the ceremony goes ahead he will live to regret it.

And he means it!

Later that day Alicia and David are horrified when Justin comes storming over apparently knowing everything and asking a barrage of questions the pair simply can’t answer.

When it becomes obvious to Justin that what Eric is saying is true he threatens the pair that if they go ahead with the wedding then he will report them to the authorities for the marriage of convenience, which will not  bode well for Alicia’s prison sentence.

Alicia begs her ex not to report them and to think of their son, whilst Eric looks on feeling incredibly guilty over the pressure he has put everyone under.

If you want a sneaky peak at David’s wedding outfit, click the link below:

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