Emmerdale spoilers: Jai Sharma will sleep with Rachel Breckle! Gasp!

In the episode of Emmerdale which airs on June 29th, factory boss Jai Sharma is going to sleep with cleaner Rachel Breckle! I know!

However, Chris Bisson who of course plays Jai, has told What’s On TV magazine that the incident is “just a bit of a laugh.”

I bet Rachel (Gemma Oaten) and Jai’s partner Charity (Emma Atkins) won’t think it’s very amusing!

We’ll see the ‘special moment’ occur between Jai and Rachel after he gets drunk following a huge row with Charity over the issue of them having a baby, which she is of course against.

So when Rachel arrives at the factory to do her cleaning shift, Jai instead gets her to have a drink with him, even though he’s already had way too many, and a reluctant Rachel agrees…

However, things soon take a turn for the passionate, of which Chris said, “It’s not an excuse, but what he’s done is, in order to try and cope with all these things, he’s gone out on the lash.

”He just needs a blow out and he just needs to get it off his chest…

“Rachel comes into the factory and she’s had a rubbish day as well, and Jai needs someone to have a drink with and have a bit of a laugh and a break from the troubles that are piling and piling up for him.

”They are just getting drunk. There is no sense that he’s hitting on her or she’s hitting on him, there’s no flirting going on.

“It is literally a drunken stumble and they end up a bit too close. They are both inebriated and they are both going through a difficult time and they think ‘stuff it’ and they do things that they shouldn’t do.”

However, Chris – who’s formerly starred in Coronation Street and Shameless – added, “Jai regrets it immediately. He has no feelings for Rachel whatsoever.

“He’s absolutely devastated that he’s betrayed Charity and he’s had an adulterous liaison with the cleaner.

“His marriage is the first thing in his mind, and that plays out quite badly with Rachel.

“He says it should never have happened and he makes her feel really small.”

O dear me…

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