Emmerdale spoiler: Kelsey-Beth Crossley returns as Scarlet to shake things up and put Charity in her place!

by Anna Howell

Former Emmerdale actress, Kelsey-Beth Crossley, is returning to the soap for her character, Scarlet’s half-brother, Carl’s funeral, and has promised “a bit of drama” from her character Scarlett Nicholls when she does!

Scarlet can be seen arriving for the funeral in tonight’s instalment of the hit ITV soap, and will feature in ten episodes in the build-up to Carl’s (Tom Lister) funeral, following his murder during this month’s spectacular live episode!

However, despite her visit being brief, the fiery millionaire is expected to ruffle feathers, in particular those of Jimmy’s business partner, Charity Sharma (Emma Atkins) who has been trying to cash in on her brothers untimely death, by taking over the haulage firm she has shares in with the Kings.

Revealing how her return came about, Crossley told The Wright Stuff : “I was at a party actually, and I found out that Tom was going, and I was in shock. Everyone knows he’s a really well-loved character and I think everyone was a little bit like, ‘What are they doing? Why?’

“But sometimes it has to be people who people really care about [who are killed off], otherwise it’s not the best TV, is it?

“I’m back for ten episodes, but I get to squish a bit of drama in during that time. It’s been so brilliant. It’s just like a family and everyone gets on so well. I’ve missed everyone so much this year.”

Asked whether she would make a more permanent return, the actress replied: “Well, they didn’t ask me, to be honest! It’s great to go in and be free to do other things, because I’ve got some great auditions coming up as well. I’m happy.”

Fans of the hit show will be rather shocked when they see Scarlet, who left the show to live with her mother overseas last year, as Crossley has lost three stone during her time away from the soap.

She said: “I wasn’t really that happy [with my weight] and I was getting a bit of criticism from the media, from the public. It happens, I understand. I realised myself that I wasn’t that happy with it, so I joined the gym and joined Slimming World and I feel a lot happier now.”

Watch Scarlet celebrating her 16th birthday at Home Farm in the clip below:

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