Emmerdale spoiler: Love rat Cameron Murray pushes Chas Dingle to the limit

Chas Dingle is set to question her affair with love rat Cameron Murray in Emmerdale next week, when she is made to listen to him sweet talking pregnant girlfriend Debbie, whilst Chas looks on in the same bed!

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cameron (Dominic Power) have been sailing pretty close to the wind lately, and have left themselves open to nearly being caught on several occasion, one of which being by Chas’s niece, and Cameron’s girlfriend, Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb), so when they manage to get away from the village for a night, Chas is over the moon at the prospect of getting her man all to herself for once.

However, whilst laying in bed, Cameron receives a phone call from Debbie, and fearing it may be urgent, is forced to humour his pregnant partner down the phone when she tells him she just called because she misses him.  Cameron looks very uncomfortable as he whispers sweet nothings down the phone to Debbie, while Chas lays next to him in bed, insanely jealous, and looking insanely angry, as pictures in today’s Daily Star newspaper show.

Despite trying to end the affair twice, Chas has found her feelings toward Cameron getting stronger and stronger, and the deep sence of guilt she originally felt over betraying her niece in the worst possible way, has slowly been replaced by jealousy that Debbie has him all to herself, leaving Chas to be second best, so when the opportunity arises to get to be his one and only for a night, Chas jumps at the chance, not realising that no matter how much distance they put between them and his family, she will always play second fiddle!

An Emmerdale insider told the newspaper: “Chas thought that with just the two of them away from the village they’d be able to spend the time in their own little bubble.

“But the enormity of the situation really hits home.

“She’s really got it bad for Cameron and it’s only going to end in disaster for her. There will be no one in the village who will understand what Chas has been doing.”

We spoke to Dominic power who plays Cameron in the hit ITV1 soap at this years British Soap Awards in April who teased that there is more of this storyline to come, and hinted that the final showdown when the affair is finally revealed will probably coincide with the live 40th anniversary episode of Emmerdale, planned for October!

You can watch the drama unfold next Thursday (14.06) on ITV1/ITV1 HD.

Watch the moment when Chas asks Cameron to leave Debbie in the clip below:

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