Emmerdale Spoilers: Alex Moss’ body is found! And Katie learns about Declan Macey’s one night stand with Charity Sharma! (VIDEO)

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There’s a dramatic week ahead on Emmerdale as not only is Alex Moss’ body found by workmen who’re redeveloping Declan Macey’s land, Declan’s wife Katie learns that he had a one night stand with Charity Sharma…

And as we’ll see towards the end of the week, Katie believes that old adage about revenge being a dish best served cold!

But as mentioned above, before Katie (Sammy Winward) learns about her husband’s betrayal, Declan (Jason Merrells) is rocked by the news that workmen at the planned festival and glamping site have uncovered human remains…

Declan has sunk every penny into the project, and he knows that if the police are called about the bones that’ve been found, the whole thing will be brought to a grinding halt while they investigate. So he quietly pays off the site workers to buy their silence so that work can carry on as normal.

However, when Katie learns that Declan hasn’t called the police, she’s furious, accusing him of putting cash before someone’s life – and death – but he pleads with her to try to understand things from his point of view as he reveals they’ll lose everything if the glamping site fails.

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Reluctantly, Katie agrees to think things over before she does anything, so she goes to talk to her best mate Chas (Lucy Pargeter) about the situation…

However, when Katie goes on and on about Declan’s “betrayal”, Chas thinks her friend knows that he slept with Charity (Emma Atkins) but as the conversation continues, it becomes clear to Chas that isn’t what Katie’s talking about at all and she beats a hasty retreat. But not before Katie’s suspicions are aroused.

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It’s not long before Chas spills the beans, leaving Katie sickened to learn that Jai (Chris Bisson) also knows about it and was complicit in keeping the truth from her. But of course, she’s most angry with Declan…

And as mentioned above, she plots her revenge, which we’ll see her put into action in the episode that airs on Friday, June 21, as all of Declan’s business associates and friends are gathered at Home Farm.

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At first, Declan’s bemused when Katie gathers everyone for a “special announcement”, but as her vitriol becomes evident, he’s left panicking at exactly what she’s about to reveal!

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And meanwhile, back at the pub, a panicking Cameron (Dominic Power) has heard about Alex’s body being found and is making plans to get out of the village, and fast. But what will Chas do when he asks her to go with him and abandon her plan to buy the pub?

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Find out next week, but for now, here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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