Emmerdale Spoilers: Alicia & Leyla are arrested! And what’s going on with Priya?! (VIDEO)


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In the first of a double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale on Thursday 9 January, David is concerned to hear Priya is still suffering from morning sickness.

Meanwhile, alone, Priya searches the Internet for ‘eating and pregnancy’. Georgia arrives with soup but Priya makes her excuses and refuses to touch it. When David arrives she begrudgingly accepts his offer of a lift to the doctors.

Later, a frustrated Priya waits for David; but he lets her down. Priya fumes as she rings a taxi, defiant she doesn’t need anyone.

Meanwhile, Alicia is adamant that she and Leyla need to meet and won’t take no for an answer. When they meet, Alicia sees Leyla has a black eye and suggests she could come to visit Jacob. She then offers to drop Leyla back off in town. Leyla kisses her goodbye and hurries away…

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Buoyed by curiosity Alicia decides to follow her. Unbeknown to Leyla and Alicia, an unmarked police car watches them as they both enter the strip club. Inside, Leyla has vanished, but Alicia is horrified as they announce her name over the speaker and Leyla bursts through the curtain and begins her routine!

Back in the village, Val can’t bring herself to tell Pollard the reason she is acting strangely. Upset and needing to be alone, Val locks herself in the bathroom, and when Pollard tries to coax her out, not able to bring herself to tell the truth, she blames “women’s problems.”

She’s troubled though, as she knows she can’t keep her secret forever.

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Also, Ruby is relieved Ali is not giving up on their baby dreams.

And finally, Megan is about to be released from hospital, but with no home to go to, Declan takes matters into his own hands and commandeers Brook Cottage.

In the second episode, at the strip club, a furious Alicia follows Leyla as she rushes away to the disapproval of the bouncer and punters.

Leyla’s peeved when an unimpressed Alicia voices her displeasure regarding her line of work but the atmosphere soon thaws as Alicia starts to feel sorry for her sister’s hopeless situation.

Their happiness is short lived as they’re arrested on suspicion of soliciting for prostitution during a raid at the club and taken to a police station…

Back in Emmerdale, Priya is concerned when the doctor questions her about her weight, and is eager to leave when the doctor offers her support to deal with her eating problem.

Meanwhile, Jai’s alarmed when David mentions Priya’s inability to keep food down and he confronts her about it. Defensive, Priya warns him off and insists that she’s fine.

Also, Harriet is eager to defuse the situation as Rachel publicly accuses Declan of framing Sam…

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And finally, Dom finds out that Declan has evicted him from Brook Cottage, and Vanessa offers him and Gemma a place to live.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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