Emmerdale Spoilers: As Gennie’s funeral approaches, Nikhil Sharma vows to move to Canada, but what about baby Molly?! (VIDEO)

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As fans of Emmerdale will know, Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem) isn’t coping well with having lost his wife Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) who he believes died in a car crash, but who was of course actually murdered by Cameron Murray.

So as the day of Gennie’s funeral approaches, as Nikhil shows no signs of dealing with his grief any better, all of his family and friends are worried about him…

But their worry is about to increase because, as we’ll see in the episode that airs on Monday, August 12, Nikhil will ask Declan (Jason Merrells) about his contact in Canada, and later, Declan warns Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) and Bob (Tony Audenshaw) that Nikhil could be leaving, without taking Molly with him.

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In the episode that airs on Tuesday, Brenda takes a hard-line with Nikhil, hoping to force him face up to his feelings, but she’s beside herself with worry when Nikhil tells her he’s found himself a job and a house in Canada, and has even booked a flight!

Determined that he must not turn his back on his daughter Molly, Brenda and Bob plot to leave Molly with Nikhil, then block him from leaving his own house. But will their plan force Nikhil into accepting his daughter and make him face up to his repressed emotions?

Well, on Wednesday, we’ll see that Brenda’s glad to realise that Nikhil’s grieving at last, and that he seems to have re-bonded with Molly. But on Thursday, as Nikhil prepares to bury his wife, he’s further upset when he finds confetti from his wedding in his suit…

Dogged by sadness, Nikhil asks Rishi (Bhasker Patel) for forgiveness over the Archie situation, as father and son bury the hatchet, Nikhil suddenly panics and begins to frantically search for his wedding album, which he previously threw in the bin. However, David (Matthew Wolfenden) stops him and tells him Brenda’s got it…

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However, they’re out of time because at that moment, the hearse pulls up outside, and Nikhil bravely prepares to carry his wife’s coffin into the church.

Though the traumatic service, Bob comforts Brenda on what is the hardest day of her life, and once it’s over, Nikhil lays a single rose next to Gennie’s grave and says goodnight to his wife, overwhelmed with sadness.

On Friday, the Sharma family gather together to try to get Nikhil back to the family business, with Rishi telling Jai (Chris Bisson) that Nikhil needs something to focus his energies on. Meanwhile, Brenda finds Nikhil cleaning as he puts on a brave face, and he almost tells her about his plans to leave, but bottles it.

Later, Rishi and Jai give Nikhil some documents which reveal that Jai’s giving him a 25% share in the factory. Nikhil’s then thrown into turmoil. Will this change his plan to leave the village?

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Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…

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