Emmerdale Spoilers: Bob Hope’s plans for romance on Brontë night go awry when Brenda kisses Dan Spencer!

bob hope, dan spencer, emmerdale

Recidivist Emmerdale groom Bob Hope is seemingly always on the lookout for the next Mrs Hope – or the next ex-Mrs Hope, given his track record with women – and in getting his café sidekick Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) to organise a Brontë night, he’s at it again, hoping to find a new lady love…

However, so is his mate Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) given that his marriage to Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) was well over, even before it began.

So when the night of the event rolls around, Bob realizes that he has to do something radical to eliminate Dan as competition in the romance stakes, so he comes up with the plan to tell unsuspecting Dan that the night is fancy dress.

When then Dan turns up in full costume, Bob expects his mate to be a laughing stock, but his plan backfires when in fact, the ladies present are super impressed by Dan’s efforts…

And things go from bad to worse for Bob when Brenda plants a big kiss on Dan and Bob feels a few pangs of jealousy over it.

Tony Audenshaw, who of course plays Bob, has been speaking to Inside Soap magazine about the plotline, and began by explaining that Bob’s especially keen to catch the eye of locum vet Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick).

He said, “Bob gives Vanessa free wine, but she ends up kissing Dan before leaving alone.

“Then Brenda kisses Dan as well. Bob’s shocked and there’s also a little hint of jealousy.”

He added, “Of course Brenda’s leathered – they’re clearing up when she makes a grab for Dan.

“Brenda looks really nice that night, and she’s quite lively and a bit of a laugh, so I think Bob’s starting to see her in a different light.”

bob hope, brenda walker, dan spencer, emmerdale

However, Tony wouldn’t reveal whether or not Bob and Brenda become an item.

He said, “I think Bob would be suited to many ladies in the Dales.

“As we see, he quite likes Vanessa – and he’d have a crack at Rhona if she were single!

“He’s had a brush with Val in the past, so he could come back to that, and there’s always been a lot of flirting between him and Bernice.

“Actually I think Bob would probably go for most women in the village – though maybe not Edna!”

We’ll see Bob’s thwarted attempts at becoming someone’s Mr Lover Lover on January 10th, but for now, here’s a reminder of Tony and Lesley working together away from the soap…

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