Emmerdale Spoilers: Brenda finally tells Bob about her brain tumour, but is it all too late? (VIDEO)

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Coming up on next week’s Emmerdale, Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that she has a potentially deadly brain tumour…

And much to her daughter Gennie’s angst, Brenda’s stubbornly refusing to have the surgery to remove the tumour and she’s still refusing to tell her café partner and would-be suitor Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) the truth about her illness.

However, in the episode that airs on Monday, March 11, Brenda’s forced to admit the truth about how ill she is to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) after he accidentally spots pamphlets the surgeon gave to Brenda about her brain tumour.

Dan is of course horrified and worried for Brenda, but he’s more shocked when she reveals that Bob doesn’t about it and makes him swear not to tell him. Brenda tells Dan that Bob’s twins have already lost one mother, and it would be unfair of her to be a part of Bob’s life – and hence become close to the children – knowing that she may not make it.

Reluctantly, Dan agrees, but he vows to help her in any way that he can, for which Brenda’s grateful.

In the episode that airs on Tuesday, March 12, Dan persuades Brenda to join him in the pub – where Georgia (Trudie Goodwin) is surprised to learn that Dan knows about Brenda’s illness – and he talks her into a game of darts as Bob watches on, upset as his mate seems to be very close to Brenda.

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However, there’s worse to come when, after Brenda feels faint, Dan puts his arm around her to help her over the road to her house, and Bob misconstrues Dan’s act of kindness.

brenda, dan, emmerdale

On Friday, March 15, Bob assumes Brenda has a date with Dan when she asks for the afternoon off and tells him it’s for personal reasons…

Later that day, Bob sees Dan hugging Brenda and furiously pulls them apart. He yells at Dan, reminding him he’s supposed to be his mate before shoving him hard. As the men start a scuffle, Bob angrily states that he won’t stand in the way of true love and leaves completely devastated.

When Brenda and Dan then hammer on the café door to speak to Bob, but won’t answer or let them in, and Brenda realises that she’ll have to come clean. To that end, Brenda goes to get her keys and lets her and Dan into the café to break the news.

How will Bob react when he finally hears the truth? Find out next week. For now, here’s a look at tonight’s episode…

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