Emmerdale Spoilers: Brenda turns to crime to mask her grief! And Sam’s imprisoned on remand! (VIDEO)

sam dingle court hearing emmerdale (2)

sam dingle court hearing emmerdale (2)
In the episode of Emmerdale that airs on Tuesday 14 January, the Dingles are stunned and devastated when Sam is told he will be remanded in custody until his next court date, with no chance of bail.

When Rachel later admits she’d do anything to get Sam out of prison, Charity has an idea…

Charity stuns Rachel when she admits to being the one who framed Sam and offers her a way to get him out of prison. Realising Charity has covered all bases and she is in fact trapped, Rachel knows Sam’s fate is in her hands.

charity, rachel, emmerdale (2) charity, rachel, emmerdale (3)

Elsewhere, at the bereavement counselling session, Brenda opens up to the group, but is disappointed she doesn’t feel any better for it.

brenda harriet emmerdale (1)

At David’s Shop, Jude questions an edgy Brenda about Harriet’s performance at the session, as she looks at some tights. With her mind elsewhere, a flustered Brenda makes her excuses and rushes away.

Outside, Brenda’s shocked when she realises she has taken the tights. She’s about to turn back, but decides not to, exhilarated by her sense of control.

david, leyla, alicia emmerdale (2)

Meanwhile, Alicia warns Leyla not to wind David up if she wants to build bridges with Jacob, and later, David reluctantly allows Leyla to work in the shop in a bid to stop her spending time with Jacob.

Also, Nicola’s worried about Megan when she admits her fears about being left alone, and Harriet’s nervous when Jude tells her that he’s leaving on Thursday and she’s on her own.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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