Emmerdale Spoilers: Cameron Murray and Debbie Dingle end up in bed together! Will Debbie tell Chas?! (VIDEO)

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As we reported recently, Debbie Dingle is set to attempt to get her kids, Sarah and Jack, out of the country before her ex Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) can get legal custody of them…

However, Debbie’s former lover Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) is set to stop the frantic single mum from carrying out her plan in a dramatic scene at the airport, right before Debbie (Charley Webb) boards her flight with the kids.

But before that happens, Cameron first tries to stop Debbie leaving the village at all, and in an unexpectedly unguarded moment, Debbie lets her defences down, and she and Cameron kiss passionately!

However, realising what she’s doing, angry Debbie pushes Cameron out of her house and orders him to stay away.

Then later, after Debbie’s grabbed the kids and fled, Cameron guesses that she’ll be at the airport, and so races to try to stop her before it’s too late…

debbie, cameron, EMMERDALE_2ND_EP_06

And luckily, he arrives before Debbie’s boarded the flight, and eventually, he manages to convince her that if she sees through her plan, the police will find her – especially as little Sarah may need medical treatment abroad – and then, she’ll have lost them forever.

He and Debbie then head back to the village, but things take another twist when, on Friday, Cameron’s worried that Debbie will tell Chas about their kiss…

But as he and Debbie row, and all of her hurt over his affair with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) comes spilling out, their anger turns to passion, and they end up sleeping together!

However, soon afterwards, an upset Debbie orders Cameron to go, saying that what just happened was a huge mistake, but will she tell Chas?

And if Cameron believes she might, what might he do to stop her?

Find out soon! For now, here’s a look at this week’s drama…


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