Emmerdale Spoilers: Cameron Murray beats and kidnaps Robbie! Is he going to kill him?! (VIDEO)

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In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, chancer Robbie Lawson may well be regretting playing the big man around Cameron Murray when the fuming killer kidnaps Robbie and beats him before shoving him, bound and gagged into the back of his van!

And as regular viewers of Emmerdale will know, the same thing happened to Alex Moss, right before killer Cameron (Dominic Power) made the Scouser his second murder victim – he of course previously murdered Carl King – and buried his body in the woods.

So is Robbie (Jamie Shelton) going to meet a similar fate? Well, that’s under wraps for now, but the drama begins when Robbie angers Cameron by openly flogging the knock-off booze – that he and Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) are selling – in The Woolpack…



Livid that Robbie is jeopardizing Chas Dingle’s business, Cameron wants to “deal with him” early on in the week, however, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) warns her fiancé off, telling him that it’s not worth the hassle and adding that she doesn’t want her Quiz Night ruined.

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However, in the episode that airs on Thursday 28th, Robbie has a plan to rile Cameron and Chas – who, on the Quiz Night, ends up lobbing a drink in Robbie’s face – by causing mayhem in the unlocked cellar.

But Cameron catches him in the act, however initially, Robbie’s not worried and after smashing several bottles of booze, he goads Cameron by flicking his lighter and threatening to torch the place…

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Big fat error Robbie! Which he learns when Cameron attacks before bundling him outside and into his van where, as mentioned above, he’ll tie Robbie up and gag him.

Cameron will tell him, “I never wanted this. But you had to keep pushing and pushing, didn’t you?

“All you had to do was face me but you had to run away.

“You left me no choice. You brought all this on yourself.”

robbie, cameron, EMMERDALE_2ND_EP_06

Find out next week if Robbie becomes murder victim #3! For now, here’s at look at Cameron overhearing Charity and Declan discussing their one night stand…

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