Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity forces Jai to choose! It’s her or Archie! And Alicia’s frustrated David hasn’t told Priya about their wedding (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

rachel, archie EMMERDALE_2ND_EP_05
In the first of a double-bill of episodes of Emmerdale that air on Thursday 12 December, Charity’s putting on a brave face over Archie’s birthday, but she’s struggling to keep a lid on her feelings.

Debbie admits her fears over her mum to Lisa, and later, Lisa’s shocked to see intent in Charity’s eye as she sits behind the wheel of her car, ready to mow down Rachel and Archie down!

As Charity revs up the engine, will she really take Archie and Rachel out in one hit?

We’ll have to wait and see what she does, but later, everything has become too much for Charity, prompting her to tell Jai he has a big decision to make. He has to choose – her or Archie…

Meanwhile, David and Alicia are frustrated that they still haven’t told Priya about the wedding, but an oblivious Priya is busy getting ready for her lunch date with Rhys.

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Georgia thinks Priya and Rhys should’ve gone somewhere other than the Woolpack for their first date in case they bump into David, and sure enough, they do…

priya's date EMMERDALE_05 (1)

But as David’s about to tell her about the wedding, he and Alicia realise she’s on a date, but what they don’t know is that Priya’s utterly bored, until that is she spots David watching and laughs loudly, hoping to make him jealous.

As the date wears on, Rhys continues to bore Priya, but she soon sees him in a new light when she hears about how close he is to his nephew. She realises he’s good with kids while across the room, David assures Alicia he’s not jealous.

priya, david, EMMERDALE_02

Meanwhile, Ashley’s struggling with his presentation and is frustrated when Harriet arrives, however, as it becomes clear that everyone’s rooting for Ashley, Harriet’s left hurt.

Also, Declan’s left feeling wretched when Robbie tells him he and Megan have written him off, and adds that he’s leaving too.

And finally, Katie’s unimpressed when Vanessa arrives to look at the horse, given that Katie’s last horse died at Vanessa’s hands.

In the second episode, Jai reels at what Charity has asked of him, and Charity crumbles as she admits she can’t cope with how things are, leaving Jai shocked at her vulnerability.

emmerdale charity, jai

Charity’s insistent that he has to choose between her and his son, but at that moment, Georgia enters with presents for Archie, so Jai tells her what Charity has asked him to do.

Later, as the nativity is in full swing and parents look on proudly, Charity arrives and awaits Jai and his decision on tenterhooks. She’s clearly dejected, but when Jai rushes in and their eyes lock, Charity’s full of hope as she awaits his response.

Elsewhere, Alicia’s hopeful as she sees Priya with Rhys, suggesting to David that now is the perfect time to tell her about their wedding. Priya then enters the café, but pretends to walk out as David pleads with her to stay and talk…

However, he’s frustrated as he find he’s unable to tell her about the wedding, and later, when David admits to Alicia he couldn’t tell Priya about the wedding, Alicia’s adamant they’ll do it together, tomorrow…

katie, adam EMMERDALE_02

Also in the episode, the chemistry fizzles between Adam and Katie, and its soon back on between them.

And finally, chaos ensure in the café after Bob leaves a stressed Ashley in charge, but later, when Ashley and Harriet have a heart to heart, could there be a thawing between them?

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week…

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