Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity takes Rachel to the police to confess! And Eric thinks Val doesn’t love him anymore! (VIDEO)

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In the second episode of Emmerdale that airs on Thursday 16 January, Ali worries as she suspects Rachel is about to leave, and Ruby’s suspicions grow too as she sees Ali and Rachel conspiring.

Meanwhile, Jai naively thinks he and Rachel have come to an understanding over access with baby Archie, but in the village, Rachel is under pressure as Declan and Charity spell out step by step what she is to say to the police.

Declan goes one step further when he re-enacts the night of the fire, so Rachel has the full detail for her story. Rachel’s then dropped off outside the police station, and she heads inside.

charity, rachel, emmerdale (5)

Meanwhile, Pollard surprises Val with a mini break, and she’s delighted until she realises he’s coming too. Pollard gets frustrated with Val’s evasive attitude, and he’s still no closer to knowing what’s wrong.

Elsewhere, Leyla decides to leave the newlyweds to have a night to themselves, but soon, she and Priya are bonding when they ridicule David and all his bad habits.

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And finally, Ashley swallows his pride and asks Harriet if the offer of the curate job is still on the table.

Next, in the episode that airs on Friday 17 January, Alicia reluctantly allows Leyla to babysit Jacob, but worries over her decision.

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Leyla tries to be strong, but she soon gives into Jacob’s demands and allows him to stay up and have pizza. However, Leyla’s pleased when she manages to get to the bottom of Jacob’s troubles and they strike a deal.

Later, Alicia’s gutted to learn Jacob has confided his worries in Leyla, so, upset Alicia decides Leyla should leave and tells David she wants to break the news to her.

Elsewhere, Brenda assures Bob they will find a way to get the twins’ birthday presents, and he’s oblivious to the fact that she doesn’t intend to pay for them!

And finally, Harriet talks Ashley into staying out for more drinks, yet she’s soon flirting with Dom.

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