Emmerdale Spoilers: Charity’s worried over Jai and Sam & Brenda’s guilt is overwhelming! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
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We return to Emmerdale on Monday 3 February as Moira tries to help James to secure the deal with Charlotte…

However, Moira also informs James that though she’s willing to support him over the deal, she doesn’t want to be a part of it, leaving him nonplussed. But it seems he need not have worried because Charlotte tells him they don’t need Moira to be involved. Nonetheless, James can’t seem to let it go.

Why is he so determined that Moira will be a part of it?

Elsewhere, Sam’s back but he’s still cool with him family and tells them that he won’t be staying long. And when Sam later visits Jai and has to inform him that he’s no further forward in finding Rachel and Archie, the factory boss is surprised to see how angry Sam is.

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Jai’s also wary of giving Sam more money, but he realises he has no choice but to pay up.

Later, Charity’s relieved when she learns that Sam hasn’t found Rachel, but she’s worried by how determined he is to carry on looking. Soon afterwards, Charity arrives at the Dingle homestead just in time to see Jai giving Sam yet more cash…

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Realising what’s going on, she frantically tries to explain to Sam that he’s being used and she points out that Jai will stitch Rachel up should she return. Will Sam take notice of her warning?

Meanwhile, Ruby remains upset that Bob still thinks she’s guilty of stealing, and Brenda’s guilt over the whole debacle is becoming overwhelming…

So Brenda attempts to resolve the situation by planting the stolen purse in the café for Bob to find, and sure enough, he’s mortified when he comes across it. Later, a sheepish Bob tries to apologise to Ruby, but how forgiving will she be?

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And finally, Bernice is livid over her failed date and so gives Charlotte daggers as she flirts with James. Nicola’s left feeling bad for her sister, and thinks Internet dating could be the way forward.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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