Emmerdale spoilers: Chas at deaths door after Aaron car crash?

by Anna Howell

It has not been a good couple of weeks for Aaron Livesy, although some would argue that he had a lucky escape after being found not guilty at his trial for murder.

Whilst the rest of the Dingle clan rejoiced in the not-guilty verdict delivered by the jury regarding Aaron’s mercy killing of beloved, tetraplegic boyfriend Jackson (Marc Silcock), Aaron (Danny Miller) has disappeared into his own private hell over the whole affair.

Having been persuaded by the prosecution into believing that Jackson could have lived a happy and full life, Aaron has turned against Jackson’s mum, Hazel (Pauline Quirke), with whom he carried out the killing with, and has, instead, turned to his mum, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) for comfort.

Whilst, at the moment, things between the two seem to be going well, and a trust and relationship building between them, things are set to take a sinister turn next week.

Chas, after a heated discussion with her son, gets into his car to continue their discussion. With the conversation turning toward the prospect of Aaron seeing a counsellor, the troubled teen becomes frustrated, which is reflected in his driving. It becomes erratic and finally out of control, crashing into a ditch

Whilst Aaron walks out of the vehicle, Chas is left unconscious and covered in blood, and it is left to brother, Cain (Jeff Hordely) to try and rescue her.

Talking to Soaplife, Pargeter teased: “Chas is constantly trying to get through to Aaron, But it turns into quite an awful outburst between the two of them. They really have it out and she shouts at him.”

“Chas keeps goading and goading him and in the state of mind he’s in, he just goes faster and faster until it starts to scare her and he can’t cope with the speed of the car – and they crash!”