Emmerdale Spoilers! Chas Dingle will ask Cameron Murray to LEAVE Debbie!

Hell’s bells and buckets of water! Chas Dingle is about to tell her lover Cameron Murray that she wants him to abandon her pregnant niece Debbie Dingle so that they can be together full-time!

As fans of the rural soap will know, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Cameron (Dominic Power) have been having an affair for a couple of weeks now, and though at first, Chas mooted the idea that it was really rather not on of them to deceive Debbie (Charley Webb) they didn’t fight their feelings too hard…

They first made their relationship a physical one in the pub’s cellar, in what must’ve been the world’s longest recorded time to change a barrel ever, especially as two people were on the case.

And since then, Chas and Cam – which is of course the pet name for another famous couple – are at it like bunnies whenever they get the chance…

However, Lucy has told Soaplife that for Chas, things have moved on from animal lust, and she’s fallen for Cameron in a big way.

So much so that she’s set to ask him to leave poor Debbie so that they can be together all the time.

Lucy said, ”Chas starts to think Cameron is the man for her and this spurs her into making a decision …

“She tells him she does want him to leave Debbie for her. It’s much deeper than lust. She does love him, otherwise she wouldn’t risk doing this to her family.

“Her heart is dragging her in.”

But as Debbie is currently pregnant – with the saviour sibling who could save little Sarah’s life – Chas tells him they must wait until after the baby’s born to reveal that they’re together.

Lucy added, ”There’s no pressure from her. It’s not like the normal love triangle with the other woman pushing for the guy to split with his partner.

“Chas knows exactly why Cameron’s still there, although it’s hard for her to see him with Debbie.

“She knows what they’ll both have to go through once they reveal their affair.”

Would you like to see Chas and Cameron officially together, or would you prefer it if he stayed with Debbie?

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