Emmerdale Spoilers: Chas Dingle will confront cheating Cameron Murray & Debbie Dingle at Gennie’s funeral! Will Cain kill Cameron?! (VIDEO)

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As fans of Emmerdale will know, in next week’s episodes, we say a final farewell to murdered Gennie Walker at her funeral, but there’s set to be a dramatic showdown as Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) realises that her fiancé Cameron (Dominic Power) is once more in love with Debbie Dingle!

The drama begins on Wednesday, August 14 when we’ll see that Debbie (Charley Webb) is hesitant over attending Gennie’s funeral, but Cameron promises to support her throughout the ordeal…

Later, Charity (Emma Atkins) finds Debbie clearing out her house, and wonders what’s going on, but Debbie’s evasive.

After Charity leaves, Cameron slips away from the pub to see Debbie. He once more tells her he’ll be there for her tomorrow, but reiterates that she must be there. He adds that although he’ll be sitting with Chas, he’s there for her and afterwards, they’ll be together. Meanwhile, Chas begins to notice Cameron’s increasing absences…

On Thursday, a now very suspicious Chas is waiting outside the church with the rest of the mourners when she thinks she sees Cameron at Debbie’s. When he finally turns up, she asks him where he’s been, but he makes up excuses about needing to attend to something in the pub’s cellar as everyone heads inside the church.

Debbie then arrives and is unable to cope with the guilt, so squirms uncomfortably, but during Jude’s eulogy, Chas asks Cameron if he loves her, and then accuses him of sleeping with Debbie.

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Cameron’s rigid with guilt and apprehension, but knowing he’s been caught out, he admits to Chas that he’s been seeing Debbie for a few weeks. However, he warns her not to make a scene.

Their drama plays out quietly as Nikhil (Rik Makarem) reads his eulogy, and the entire congregation is deeply moved as he begs them to keep Gennie’s memory alive for him and Molly. Cameron’s more than uncomfortable as Chas then gets up to read hers…

As she begins, her grief turns to anger and she directs it at Cameron. Cain realises there’s something more to Chas’s words, but he’s incredulous that she might be about to ruin her sister’s funeral!

By the time we see the episode that airs on Friday, with the news about Debbie and Cameron now public knowledge, Cain (Jeff Hordley) wants nothing more than to kill Cameron, however, Cameron thinks Cain’s making empty threats when he warns him not to get too comfy with Debbie…

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However, he realises he’s very wrong when Cain hits him and bundles him into the car before driving off. Debbie sees what’s going on and panics, distraught that Cain’s going to kill Cameron. She begs Charity to tell her where Cain’s taken him, and she and Chas reel when Charity suggests they’re at the quarry.

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Meanwhile, on a cliff top, Cameron’s horrified and genuinely fears for his life when Cain prepares to push the car over the edge, faking Cameron’s suicide. He begs Cain not to do it and says that they can sort this out. He swears that he’ll never hurt Debbie and Sarah again, but Cain just wipes his finger prints from the steering wheel.

While that drama’s going on, Debbie drives dangerously fast, desperate to get to Cameron.

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Will she make it in time to save the love of her life?

Find out soon! For now, here’s a look at what’s ahead this week…


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