Emmerdale Spoilers: David Metcalfe to have ‘mini-meltdown’ over Leyla’s wedding dress!

David Metcalfe has been teetering on the edge for the last few Emmerdale episodes this week and actor Matthew Wolfenden who takes on the role has admitted that worse is in store for the heartbroken shop owner.

The blonde hunk is devastated after his fiancee Leyla left the village and cancelled their wedding last week and so, after finding out that not only is he alone but also has to cope with the thousands of pounds worth of debts she has shackled him with, David is set to suffer a “breakdown” in the coming week.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back is the delivery of Leyla’s wedding dress and when he opens the package, Metcalfe is set to flip – putting on the gown and heading straight down to The Woolpack for a pint.

Wolfenden told Inside Soap: “David has a bit of a mini-meltdown. He’s drinking a lot and not opening the shop, so Hannah is having to run it for him. He’s really not coping with things very well.”

Matthew told Inside Soap:

“The dress is a slap in the face for David. It costs about £1,500 – another load of money he hasn’t got and is going to have to find. He’s already wallowing in self-pity, but I still don’t have a clue what prompts him to actually put on the dress and parade around!

“He’s run out of beer at home, so he thinks he’s behaving quite normally by going to the pub to get some more. When he’s questioned on why he’s wearing the dress, he says, ‘I’ve paid for it, so I’ll wear it if I want!’ It’s the start of his little breakdown, I suppose. He asks Pearl to marry him, and just doesn’t care what he’s doing.”

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