Emmerdale Spoilers: David pleads with Priya to cancel the abortion & is Amy planning to abduct Kyle?! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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When we rejoin the drama in Emmerdale on Monday 11 November, Eric’s troubled when Joanie explains that she’s taken out a restraining order on Amy.

Meanwhile, a depressed Amy is let out of her cell and given a caution, but she’s warned that the consequences will be serious if it happens again.

She and Kerry are driven back to the village, but after finding out Joanie’s been at the pub, Amy rushes to find her, but she’s too late. Diane tells Amy about the restraining order, and with all hope seemingly gone, a forlorn Amy comes to a decision after she opens a guest’s bag at the B&B and finds a wad of cash and an expensive necklace…

She soon realises that she has to choose between Andy and Kyle, especially when Andy’s clearly not up for disappearing with her and Kyle. Amy soon ends Andy out and rifles through the drawer looking for Jack’s passport, determined that her new plan is going to work.

Elsewhere, despite being heartbroken over the situation, Alicia encourages David to find Priya before it’s too late.

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Priya’s grateful for Charity and Jai’s support as she prepares to leave for her termination, however, she doesn’t want to face David as he pleads with her to wait. After declaring that he wants her to keep the baby, Priya insists she’s still going through with the termination, leaving David devastated.

But soon, Priya finds herself torn when Jai questions whether she’s making the right decision. Meanwhile, Alicia worries she won’t be enough for David when he returns after his unsuccessful visit to Priya.

But could Jai’s words force Priya to question her decision?

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Also, when macho Jimmy stands up to Charity over Nicola’s working hours, Nicola swoons and soon afterwards, she and Jimmy rekindle their passion. And finally, on seeing the financial benefits to Rodney’s line of work, Georgia encourages him to continue pursuing his escort career!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week…

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