Emmerdale Spoilers: Debbie Dingle moves Robbie into her house to act as bodyguard! Will she regret letting him get so close? (VIDEO)

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Fans of Emmerdale will know that Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) has, since her boyfriend Cameron Murray betrayed her by having an affair with her Aunt, Chas Dingle, become a ruthless businesswoman who’s determined that nothing will stop her making vast sums of money…

And she doesn’t care if what she’s involved in is illegal, and she doesn’t care who she has to ride roughshod over to get what she wants.

And of course, she’s involved Robbie Lawson (Jamie Shelton) in her shady business dealings, however, he’s becoming fed up of being Debbie’s dogs body, and of having her treat him like something she just stepped in whenever it suits her…

So this week, as Kirk’s antics have left Debbie shaken to the core, Robbie sees his chance to make more mileage out of his boss by offering to be her bodyguard. And to that end, Debbie allows Robbie to move into her cottage with her so that she won’t have to be on her own.

Meanwhile, Debbie’s still alienating the locals, and this week, she especially annoys Jimmy King (Nick Miles) after he learns that she’s conducted some of her shady dealings over the knock-off booze at Pear Tree cottage.

However, by the time we see the episode that airs on Thursday, May 30, Debbie’s fairly sure the threat from Kirk is over, so she becomes less reliant on Robbie, much to his chagrin. So later, he lies to Debbie’s mum Charity (Emma Atkins) about Kirk being back, but when Charity relays the news to Debbie’s dad Cain (Jeff Hordley) she’s left very surprised by his response.

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Then, on Friday May 31, when Robbie misreads the signals and makes a play for Debbie, she responds with a swift put down. But when Charity arrives, Robbie senses a change in the mood and leaves so that she can talk to Debbie alone…

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Charity then tells Debbie about Kirk’s current situation, and Debbie’s shocked to realise the extent of Robbie’s betrayal. When Robbie returns, Debbie’s cold with him as she explains that she wants the night alone, adding that she needs time to think.

What’s going to be her next move?

Find out next week! For now, here’s a look at this week’s drama…

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